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Tight Curls (type 3b & 3c hair)

Tight Curls Need Deep Hydration

Corkscrew cool with a buoyant bounce: Tight curls are compactly coiled, making for brilliant movement and show-stopping volume.

Full of spring and stretch, tight curls crave moisture and will drink up all they can get. Dehydrate the tight curl and it turns unruly, its pattern becoming irregular and expanding into frizz. 3c and 3b hair types require deep hydration to soak into each strand, not sit on the surface. The Ouidad collection quenches thirst at every stage from shower to styling, replenishing moisture at the core of each curl for silkiness, definition, and lasting strength.

“When tight curls’ needs are met, they come to life and command attention like no other. These curls often need their hydration levels restored. Ouidad’s Curl Quencher range helps to create incredibly dynamic curls that are defined and soft, with incredible shine.”


Key Ingredients for Tight Curls

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Breathable Botanicals (like Chamomile, Echinacea, and Aloe) replenish moisture and restore the curl from the inside out with no greasy residue or oily buildup.

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Amino Acids (like those in our Curl Quencher® Moisturizing Shampoo) restore dry curls to their fullest and shiniest, making them manageable and luxurious all at once.

Close up of Ouidad ingredient silk protein for curls


Silk Proteins (like in our curl cream) wrap each curl so moisture stays in, giving your curls the elastic bounce and strong swing that make them beautiful.

Drawing of different tight curl texture types

Deep Moisture + Nourishment = Manageability

The tight curl strand twists into small ringlets. With natural fullness, type 3b and 3c curls never lacks for volume—but requires conscious care. The tighter the curl, the more difficult it is for oil from the scalp to travel the length of the strand and moisturize. Hair loses moisture, and frizz and tangling follow. Our formulas deeply hydrate your curls to leave them defined, healthy, and sumptuously soft.

Intense moisture, weightless feel: Our formulas infuse nutrients and botanicals into the core of every strand, giving curls the rich hydration they need without heaviness.

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