Hair-apy 101: What is Anti-Frizz Nano Technology?

Ouidad Anti-Frizz Products

It's a fact: dry hair equals frizzy hair. When hair hits a dry spell, the cuticles are rough, and when coupled with humidity, curls that were defined go haywire. That’s because curls that lack moisture absorb it from anywhere they can get it – including frizz-causing humidity in the air. Suddenly, “how to reduce frizzy hair” becomes your #1 Google search all summer long.

Since hair-harassing humidity can do a number on hair from tight coils to cascading ringlets, the question is: how to tame frizzy curly hair in the summer? We’ve got the answer. Today’s Hair-apy treatment calls for something special: our Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Conditioner featuring our special Anti-Frizz Nano Technology.

When hunting for the best anti-frizz products for curly hair, look no further. Nano technology is formulated to tame unruly hair, it prevents frizz, flyaways, and unwanted volume, creating the perfect frizz-free foundation. Found in our whole Advanced Climate Control® line – its small molecular size creates a better sealing effect, locking in moisture while locking out humidity.

Our advanced blend of Shea Butter, Murumuru Butter and Ceramides are fantastic frizz fighters and help repair the cuticle and smooth its surface. Utilizing natural-first ingredients separates our conditioner from most alcohol-based formulas. Alcohol-based formulas can leave hair brittle and prone to frizz. Our deep-hydrators are a spa-day for your follicles. Think of it as an anti-frizz serum for curly hair.

In addition, our unique high-performance Anti-Frizz Nano Technology with protein derived from silk seals the cuticle to form a barrier against frizz. This results in defined, shiny, controlled curls in any climate. A dedicated UV filter helps protect against damage from environmental aggressors. That means curls free of frizz and any complications from sun exposure.

Natural curls are a gift, so embrace the effort that goes into bringing their best out. Our Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Conditioner locks in that vital moisture and the Anti-Frizz Nano Technology makes flyaways a think of the past. Dealing with frizz feels like an uphill struggle, but with the right routine you can crush your hair game this summer.

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