The Rake and Shake, Explained

Rake and Shake (n): Ouidad’s signature styling method for defining curls of every curl type.

Follow these five simple curly hair styling tips to achieve your optimal curl formation:

Step 1: Apply the appropriate foundation product for your specific curl type: LooseClassicTight or Coily.

Step 2: Beginning underneath, divide hair into five sections. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for even more definition and volume, try creating smaller sections.

Step 3: Apply a quarter-size amount of your curl-specific styling product to each section and use your fingers to rake through your curls from root to tip to detangle and smooth.

Step 4: As your fingers reach the ends, shake at the wrist to encourage curl formation.

Step 5: Diffuse dry on a low, warm setting. Once hair is dry, “open” the curl using your favorite curl-specific perfecting product from Ouidad’s Curl Perfection range.