Treat Your Curls: Deep Conditioning

Think about how great you feel after a spa day. Completely reinvigorated, right? Curls are the same way—they need to be treated to extra TLC every so often. A few extra minutes of pampering can work wonders for your hair’s texture, helping to reset and re-define the curl pattern and counteract damage from styling or coloring. Ready to see for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about deep conditioning for softer, shinier, healthier curls.

Why do curls need deep conditioner?

You already know your curls help you stand out in a crowd. But did you know your hair is also different on a structural level?

Curly hair’s corkscrew shape leaves its protective outer cuticle perpetually lifted—picture ruffled feathers. Moisture and nutrients escape through these cuticle openings, which can leave curls dry, dull, and brittle. That’s why it’s so important to replenish curly hair with regular treatments such as deep conditioners.

What types of treatments are best for curls?

Deep conditioners and masks fall into one of three categories, each with different benefits. To keep your curls in tip top shape, include each type of deep conditioner in your regular curl care regimen:

Protein Based Conditioner

Protein-Based Conditioner

Try: Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy How often: 1-2 times per month What it does: Replenishes the essential amino acids and proteins that curls need for optimal health and to form an even curl pattern. Tip: This treatment needs heat to absorb properly into strands
  • After working Deep Treatment through hair, cover your curls with a shower cap
  • Apply heat with a blow dryer or hood dryer for 12 minutes
  • Rinse and follow with a deep conditioner, such as Curl Recovery™ Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask.
Conditioner Mask Treatment

Conditioning Mask Treatments

Try: Curl Recovery™ Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask How often: 2 times per week What it does: Richer than a daily conditioner and able to penetrate more deeply thanks to its self-warming technology. This deep conditioning mask softens and moisturize curls from within. Its cushion-like coating of fatty acids helps to rebuild strands’ protective outer layer to protect against future damage. Tip: For extra dry hair, deep conditioning masks can be used in place of your regular conditioner whenever you cleanse your curls.

triple treat

Deep Conditioners

Try: Curl Immersion™ Triple Treat Deep Conditioner How often: Anytime you cleanse your curls What it does: The tighter the curl, the more exposed the cuticle. Tightly coiled and kinky curls need more intense hydration from a deep conditioner such as this one, which is designed to infuse curls with maximum moisture—and seal it inside. Tip: Leave deep conditioner on for three minutes to allow conditioner to penetrate and reboot your curl pattern.