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Ouidad Salon Fort Lauderdale


Our Ouidad Flagship Salon, located in Fort Lauderdale, is an exclusive haven for curls and textured hair. Led by the established artistic duo Chadwick and Igor and supported by a team of stylists immersed in the care of curly hair, the salon specializes in Ouidad’s patented Carving & Slicing® techniques as well as treatment and coloring methods designed specifically for curls and textured hair. With the FL salon, the Southeast now can take advantage of Ouidad’s distinctive curl-directed approach and expertise.

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Salon Services Menu

  • At Ouidad Salon-FL by Chadwick and Igor, we have a price tier level system in our culture. The service price is based on the demand that our curl expert have earned during their time
  • Curly cut and style
  • Styling only
  • Braids
  • Detangling Service
    Starting at 50.00
  • Two-strand twist styling
  • Men's curly cut
  • Treatments:
  • Ouidad Deep Treatment® with Salon Extracts
  • Clarifying Treatment
  • Keratin Treatment
  • Curl Softening Treatment
  • Body Wave
  • Color:
  • Background Foundation (Regrowth)
  • Background Foundation (Ammonia-Free)
  • Color Contouring (Face Framing Highlights)
  • Overlay
  • Dimensional Color (Partial Highlights)
  • Dimensional Color (Full Highlights)
  • Balayage
  • Gloss Color Overlay Treatment
  • Gratuity is graciously accepted in cash only.
  • Special Occasion Services:
  • Special Occasion Style (Upon Consultation)
  • Makeup Services
    Starting at 85.00 for preview
  • On-Location Services with Event Team Available Upon Request
  • The Curl Talk Styling Workshop
    RSVP required - Limited spots available
    -During this class we will share tips and techniques (as well as step-by-step instructions) on how to achieve bouncy, shiny, frizz-free curls at home.
    -This class is hands-on and we request your hair be washed the day of the class.
    -Please bring a blow dryer and diffuser
    -The class is complimentary to you and an additional
    20 fee for a friend that can be applied to products or services you use.
    -Classes are scheduled for the 16th of Jan, Apr, Jul, and the 15th of Oct at 6pm-8pm.
    *RSVP with Guest Relations at (954) 613-0405 or email [email protected]hadwickandigor.com.
*Prices may vary depending on hair length, thickness or other factors to be determined by your Ouidad Stylist.


Stylist / Tier 6
Chadwick is a recognized expert when it comes to the art of creating beautiful hair. His innate approach to hairstyling is solidly rooted in his precision cutting expertise and rich knowledge of state-of-the art styling skills for all types of hair, from stick straight to uncontrollably curly. He constantly pushes the boundaries of his art.

Highly skilled in the very unique techniques that are special to curly hair, Chadwick initially was trained as a Ouidad Certified Stylist at the Manhattan Ouidad Salon by founder and owner Ouidad herself, who is an internationally recognized stylist and known as the pioneer of the curly hair industry. Chadwick’s superb training in Ouidad’s trademarked cutting and styling techniques have enabled him to become Master Artistic Educator for the Company and travel to NYC and LA flagship salons, inspiring, training, educating and certifying other stylists using the Ouidad Certification Process.

Colorist / Tier 5
Born in Brazil, Igor brings the passion, energy and zest for life of that cultural region to his work. Igor gravitated toward hair coloring from an early age and has perfected his craft to such a high level of excellence that he is both a Ouidad Certified Stylist, highly knowledgeable about the sculpture of curly hair, and a Goldwell Technical Artist, for which he travels to Goldwell’s Academies in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore to continually learn more and raise the bar of his coloring skills. He also travels across the U.S. to teach other stylists about the many variances and hues of color and how to achieve precise results depending on an individual client’s hair texture, color and shape.
Colorist / Tier 2
Caroline has curls and color in her soul. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, with naturally curly hair that also is very fine, she fell in love with color many years ago and even obtained her cosmetology degree while still in high school. Caroline loves color because it gives her the opportunity to expand her creative flair as she customizes color to each client’s hair needs and their personal lifestyle.

Caroline worked in Connecticut at the very first salon to become certified by Ouidad. She then earned her certification as an Ouidad stylist at the company’s Flagship Salon in Manhattan, where she was trained by Ouidad’s Assistant Vice President of Creative Education. Caroline stays current with her certification by continually attending as many color classes as possible; for example, she recently attended an Intense Reds class at the Wella Studio in Manhattan as well as a Goldwell color class in Miami.

“I am delighted that natural curls are back in,” Caroline says. “Curly hair is fun because you can do so many variations with it. It can look professional or sexy and glamorous. I am passionate about making curls look their very best by using color to add lustrous dimension and accentuate each curl’s definition.”

About Chadwick and Igor: “I’m a firm believer in creative chemistry and I felt that spark right away with the team at Ouidad Salon-FL by Chadwick and Igor. I think it’s very innovative the way each team member emphasizes education when working with clients so they better understand their hair and learn about its needs and the best tools to use with it. I’m working side-by-side with Igor in the color department to build a seamless bond with each other and our clients to deliver optimal experience and results that are second to none!”
Colorist / Tier 1
Originally from New York, Kristine began her career as a stylist at age 16. She apprenticed under Peter Webb, master stylist from London, at his New York salon where she found her passion for educating other stylists. She went on to recruit and teach with Peter as well as grow her styling and coloring skills when she was behind the salon chair. As a real love emerged for education and hair coloring, Kristine accepted the position as Education Manager for Goldwell, a premier color brand, in Miami, FL. She has taught all over the state of Florida as well as in the Caribbean. She then went on to expand her role to Director of Education for nearly 20 different hair color and styling lines all over the country. She has been trained on multiple coloring techniques by world renowned colorists and regularly continues her education to elevate her skills. Kristine discovered that her first love was coloring because it allowed her to express her creativity. She also is proud and honored to help her clients feel beautiful and to happily embrace their look. About Chadwick and Igor: "I first met Chadwick and Igor in the hair styling and coloring educational arena. They both have such passion and creativity about their work that was readily contagious. It reminded me of why I do what I do. When I heard their vision for the Ouidad Fort Lauderdale and saw how it came to life, I immediately knew I wanted to be part of their team. Not only would it enable me to continue my craft in a highly motivational atmosphere but also to keep growing and evolving as a stylist from their incredibly inspirational approach."
Stylist/Tier 1
Eidi Mai felt instantly at home when she joined the Ouidad by Chadwick and Igor team. A Brazilian girl who has curls of her own and loves to help bring out the confidence in other individuals with natural curly hair, her extensive knowledge of the Ouidad product line instills in others confidence and trust. She always lays out a step-by-step plan to put clients at ease. “Embrace your beauty. There are no rules. Beauty is everywhere and in everything. Be strong. Be yourself. Be free. Be beautiful.”
Stylist/ Tier 1
Keesha, born in Jamaica, has been doing her own curly hair and those of her siblings, cousins and extended family for as long as she can remember. She moved to New York City as a teen where she realized her love of the arts, food and fashion and was able to learn about and embrace all the diverse cultures she found in her friends and co-workers. Keesha has a degree in Social Science, another in Hospitality Management, and had worked in Hotel Management for over ten years, when a new opportunity brought her to South Florida. Being new to the area, she struggled to find someone to care for her then “long-unruly curls”. It was when she went into yet another salon for hair care that she stumbled onto someone who is still one of her mentors today; the stylist who nurtured her natural ability, honed her raw talent, and presented her to the world of hairstyle here in South Florida. She was introduced to many stylists as she spent all her free time assisting her mentor, learning new techniques and offering her braiding skills where needed. At the urging of her mentor she enrolled in Aveda Institute where she received her Cosmetology degree, and earned a FL license, never looking back. Working initially at a couple of traditional salons, Keesha saw curly clients being underserved and routinely leaving unhappy with unflattering haircuts. She too was indirectly often made to feel less than comfortable having such curly hair and so she sought a curly hair salon. She watched the Ouidad salon, Fort Lauderdale being born and when she joined the team of professionals at Ouidad, she knew that she was home. Keesha has had the opportunity to be an Associate at Ouidad and work side by side with Master Educator and Stylist-Chadwick where for the past year she has rapidly developed her skills cutting and styling her clients’ hair. Keesha genuinely loves people, and has found her niche with curly hair. She intensely-relates to all her clients because she has been on a similar hair-journey. “My intention is for everyone who sits in my chair to love and understand their curls, and then go out and inspire the next curly-girl to do the same.” “My intention is for everyone who sits in my chair to love and understand their curls, and then when they go out to feel a renewed sense of confidence and community knowing they can come back anytime and be well-taken care of every time.”
Colorist/ Tier 1
Jonathan has worked in the industry all his life. Coming from a Hair Stylist parent he decided to start his own career in hair 4 years ago. Since then he’s worked at some of the top salons in Miami such as Atma Beauty and IGK. He’s styled celebrities like Paris Hilton and Deliliah Belle. He paints each client specific to their needs and wants. He enjoys coloring hair because it lets him create light and depth throughout the head to either create the illusion of fullness or brightness. He really enjouy to color all textures and patterns. He gets his inspiration for color from nature and fashion. The top trends for the season I use as inspiration to add depth in the root and brightness through the strand. The change of seasons are also one of my favorite inspirations. Cools in the winter and warms in the summer. Maximizing his experience is dedicating to getting the client exactly what they’re looking for and help them achieve that with care and respect for their hair. “I decided to work at Ouidad because I felt like it was a beautiful space where I could express my creative freedom.” “Chadwick and igor and their team are very dedicated to service and talent and I admire their passion and creativity.”
Robert Evan
Celebrity Curl Stylist | Tier 5
Robert Evan Thomas, a master educator with Ouidad, is a world renown hairstylist with an accomplished record as an industry leader. His experiences include film, runway, television and behind the chair. Robert is a visionary with the gift of listening, to confirm and validate the needs of each client and with his unique approach he allows the client to connect with the full potential of their image. He is recognized among his peers as an inspiration and to clients as a healer. Robert has described this as “Beauty 360” - the ability to truly validate the uniqueness of each client from the soul of who they are to the image he creates. As a celebrity stylist, Robert has shared his incredible talent with first ladies Hillary Clinton and Nancy Regan as well as film and stage actresses such as Laura Linney Drew Barrymore Gwyneth Paltrow Chelsea Handler and Kylie Jenner to name a few yet finds his most signature work reflected behind the chair sharing with amazing individuals everyday currently in New York city. As a curl master, Robert sees curls as an energy force supplying the opportunity to awakening the denial of every curly client’s joy. As a color master he also has a unique viewpoint on color and curls ensuring that color is articulate in a way that celebrates the curl. Robert was also designated as the lead stylist and consultant for the Lux Hair “NOW Brand” with Tabatha Coffey, Sherri Shepherd and Daisy Fuentes. Robert’s television appearances include; Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, Better TV show MTV-The Morning Show, QVC, Good Morning America and Rachel Ray. As a “Color Master, Wig Master” and “ Master-Stylist,” his vision for Hair and Style is often showcased from “Style Make-Overs” to consulting sessions on Hair Color, as well as maintenance and information. Robert has also participated in NYC Fashion Week for several years working with Marc Jacobs, Bill Blass, Givenchy, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, B.Michael and Tracey Reese.
Overall Rating:
(Based on 28 Reviews)
by Sekaya Jackson on 06/21/2020
Curl Type: Kinky Curls
Best, first time natural haircut experience. They treated me like a queen. Kesha is the best. Very knowledgeable and experienced, she told me my hair type (4b) and taught me how to take care of it= no more crunchy curls. I wanted the Rezo cut, and we spoke in depth about it, with her showing me pics with (4b) women with the Rezo cut, so I fully understood what I was getting. The cut was beautiful. I started getting compliments right away at work. Everyone there made me feel like family. I completely trust Ouidad, and can't wait to get back.
by LINDA BUTLER on 01/11/2019
Curl Type: Loose Curls
Dominick did an amazing job. I came in with a repair job — too many highlights and in the wrong color for me. I needed it reversed and revised. He did it! Not only did he fix it, he gave me beautiful, flattering color that I love — no matter what the circumstances. Thank you, Dominick! You are awesome!
by Marlene Aquino on 12/10/2018
Curl Type: Tight Curls
If you have fine tight curly hair I strongly recommend going to Ouidad and getting a haircut or style with Yvette. I have visited a ton of hair salons looking for a hair stylist and avoiding the afro as soon as my hair dries. I walked in for a haircut and wanted volume and shape for my fine hair. Yvette is very personable. We have similar hair type and quickly started chatting about our experiences with our curly hair. She was very attentive to what I asked for and did exactly what i wanted. She didn't push to sell products she used on my hair nor did my experience feel rushed. I finally found my hair stylist! My hair has volume and a defined shape even after I washed and used my preferred products. Thanks Yvette!
by ANGIE AMIL on 10/01/2018
Curl Type: Classic Curls
I have been dying to come to Ouidad forever since their specialty is curly hair. I procrastinated getting an appointment and waited till the last minute. I basically kicked myself in the behind when I finally attempted to make an appointment online and there was no availability for the next day. I wanted a new look for my nieces Sweet 16 Birthday party, so getting this appointment was imperative. I decided to send a private message to their Facebook page with no true hopes of getting a response. To my surprise not only did I receive a prompt reply but I got an appointment. Thank you Igor, for squeezing me in and making this day extra special. Dominick was my colorist and he rocked my hair; the color is more beautiful than I imagined. He took his time and gave my hair the full attention it needed. After having it toned and conditioned by a nice young man; I sat with my stylist, Eidi. She was just adorable. There's no way you can leave her chair without your confidence being boosted. I lost count of how many times she called me Gorgeous, and I know I'm not, but it's super nice to hear. After the rake and shake with gel and a few toss and turns with the diffuser... my curls have NEVER looked this perfect. Great body and volume, beautiful color and shiny, and literally the perfect curl. I am writing this 3-days after my appointment and I wake up with the song "I woke up like this" playing in my head because my curls are still FLAWLESS!
by kimberly hoffman on 07/24/2018
Curl Type: Classic Curls
I have been getting my hair cut in the NY salon for 7 years while living in South Florida. I recently tried Chadwick and I have found my new salon. He took his time to get to know my daily routine and products that I have been using by Ouidad. He suggested a few changes that I have never been told before and I am so happy with my hair. The cut was perfect. He listened to the length and shape that I wanted and he gave me exactly what we discussed. He suggested a deep conditioning treatment which was like like nothing I have ever gotten before. I highly recommend that as well. The salon and staff were also top notch from the moment I walked in to the time that I left. Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcomed. I couldn't be happier with Chadwick and his amazing team!!!!!
by Edie Bertoncini on 09/24/2017
Curl Type: Classic Curls
This was my first Ouidad Style cut and I love it! I had been cutting my curls in the Deva cut way and the difference is huge. My curls feel soft and flowing. Even my boyfriend noticed right away and he likes it too. Sondriel did a wonderful job!
by Martha Liano on 05/17/2017
Curl Type: Tight Curls
Had my first haircut today with Chadwick and am very happy with the results. My hair was long, shapeless and unruly and I was looking for a total change. Got a shoulder length cut with a beautiful shape that gave nice volume to my hair. Loved the salon and staff and will definitely go back. Worth the drive from Miami!
by Suzette Gingold on 02/04/2017
Curl Type: Tight Curls
I've been with Chadwick since he first became a Ouidad stylist to being recognized as the master artist and curl guru he always was inside and continues to be. He brings out the best in my curls. It's because of his unique talent that I've transitioned from straightening, flat ironing, and denying my curls to raking, shaking, and embracing them. And while I'm happy being my true curly-headed self, I was not ready for the grey. Thanks to Igor my color looks au natural. If you've never had your hair cut and colored by them, it is worth going out of your way from wherever you are to have Chadwick cut and style and Igor color your hair. I cannot recommend them highly enough. And it's not just my thinking, but many others' opinions as well as Chadwick travels the country training other Ouidad stylists. As wonderful a teacher as he is, no one is Chadwick! Stop researching and reviewing your options and make an appointment with Chadwick and Igor. Wait, actually don't because I want to be able to get in to see them whenever I need them!
by Maria Soyka on 01/11/2017
Curl Type: Loose Curls
Finally I will be able to get my curls back thanks to Chadwick. What a wonderful first time experience. Very professional yet personable. Deep treat is a must if you have not tried it, it's a curl saver. Can't wait to go back.
by Diane Nino on 12/24/2016
Curl Type: Classic Curls
Would highly recommend this salon and it's staff. Chadwick has been cutting my hair for years and my hair has never looked better. Never knew how to properly care for my hair before Ouidad and Chadwick.
by Jessica Fekete on 10/28/2016
Curl Type: Tight Curls
For your sake I hope you take this comment very,very seriously! Saying I couldn't recognize my hair after Chadwick cut it is a complete under statement. I knew my cut was over, but I could not stop checking out the head of curls staring back at me. I have never had a hair dresser take so much time in paying attention to every inch of my head of curls. I normally have hair dressers apply product to the outside layer and give it a little shake...to heck with those days! Chadwick, you are an artist and have another customer for life. I can not wait to attend the complimentary curl education classes
by Ana Moreno on 09/23/2016
Curl Type: Classic Curls
I am so happy with Chadwick's hair cut! It's really amazing!!!! He kindly explained me how to style my hair. Also Caroline did a beautiful job with the color. This was coordinated with Chadwick to allow a complement between hair cut and color according with face shape, curls...best help! Also Tatiana who sets appts is very kind and efficient! I am so grateful with all of them not only because their high quality job but because they are so kind too!
by Jenifer Ramirez on 03/25/2016
Curl Type: Tight Curls
Chad is an artist!!! I have tried other Ouidad certified stylist and they don't even come close to what he can do. I feel like a million bucks when I leave his salon. He is the BEST!!!
by Ivelisse on 09/19/2014
Curl Type: TIGHT
I will not trust anyone except Chad and Igor. I might have sworn off chemical relaxers, but I cannot live without red hair. Chad and Igor as a team, understand my need to be curly AND a redhead. Their expertise makes my hair healthier and this curly lady very happy!
by Stef on 09/17/2014
Curl Type: CURLY
Chadwick is a magician in how he manipulates my curls. Igor is a gem and is super talented with color. My hair has never looked and felt better. The guys make great product suggestions without making me feel forced to buy. Love this power team- I always leave feeling like a celebrity.
by Rebecca on 06/13/2014
Curl Type: TIGHT
I have been using Chadwick for all my hair cuttingstyling needs for several years. I would follow this incredibly talented stylist anywhere!! My hair has never looked so good, so healthy, so stylish. He also happens to be one of the loveliest men I have ever met. I would recommend him to all!!
by Rebecca on 06/13/2014
Curl Type: TIGHT
Igor has been coloring my hair for several years. I have been to other colorists, but have never been completely satisfied until I met Igor. He really takes his time in discussing what your needs and concerns are and then he creates his magic. I am always thrilled with the outcome!!! I love him !!!
by Raina on 06/07/2014
Curl Type: WAVY
Chadwick is a fabulous stylist!He listens and is intuitively creative...All I can say is Happy, happy , happy!!!
by Lisa on 05/15/2014
Curl Type: TIGHT
I have had my hair cut with other Ouidad stylists both in the salon in NYC and another South Florida location. Chadwick is by far the best. I call him my magician. He understands curly hair and I have tight curls. Igor is the colorist and he is equally talented. These two are a force!
by Vanessa on 10/13/2013
Curl Type: CURLY
Chadwick has been my stylist for about 3 years and he is simply Amazing! He takes the time to listen to your needs and concerns, he is friendly and always makes you feel like a queen! Igor is awesome, he's a very highly skilled colorist. Together they are the dynamic duo, love them!
by Jodie on 10/06/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
Chad cut my hair and my daughter's hair. What a difference. I have our next appointments booked for the end of December already!Well worth the drive and the money. Should have treated ourselves sooner than we did!
by Carla on 09/27/2012
Curl Type: TIGHT
This was our second visit, they definitely know what they are doing with curly hair. Chadwick is amazing and took the time to teach my daughter how to style her own hair. So glad we found this salon, well worth the drive and money.
by Maria on 05/13/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
I had my haircut with Chad on 33112 - not a day goes by that I don't get a compliment on my new hairstyle. I had seen other Ouidad certified styliests here in South Florida but never experienced these results. Chad is absolutley the best!! Looking forwad to my next appt. Lucia
by Judy on 01/01/2012
Curl Type: CURLY
Chad cut my hair, Robert colored it. I have decided that this is not actually a beauty saloon, but a place of magic. I look at least 10 years younger, friends say that I look amazing. Michelle, who I believe is a manager, took the time to teach me how to do my hair myself. I felt like a star!!!
by Rachel on 02/19/2011
Curl Type: TIGHT
I only recently started wearing my hair curly and decided to get the Ouidad cut. Even though the Las Olas Beauty was 1 12 hours from my house the salon gave directions better than mapquest! I decided to go there based on the great reviews. I was NOT disappointed! As soon as I walked in the door I was impressed with the high level of customer service. Chad cut my hair and he did an amazing job! He took the time to talk to me about my hair and explained very clearly about how to style it. My hair has NEVER looked so good! All the frizz is gone and my hair looks transformed. Even though this cut is on the expensive side it is well worth it. Never again will I want to hide my curls!!!
by Daphne on 11/09/2010
Curl Type: NONE
This was my first visit and I was fortunate enough to be booked with Chad. What I loved most about my visit is that Chad asked a lot of questions about my hair and hair regime. He was truly interested in helping me make my hair look great. He gave me great advice on how to style my hair at home in a way that fits my daily routine. The haircut was divine. I left in love with my hair again it was a refreshing haircut, totally what I was looking for. It's always hard for a curly head to find a stylist she can trust, and I have finally found him. Las Olas Beauty is my new salon and Chad is my new stylist. Search is over, no need to go anywhere else.
by CHERRIE on 09/23/2010
Curl Type: KINKY
I have very curly hair and have been loyal to Las Olas Beauty for some time now because of their Ouidad Certified staff members. Like many with my type of hair, I have had my hair ruined in the past by other salons where people just don't understand how to work with real curls. CHAD cut and highlighted my hair recently and it looks absolutely amazing, modern and frizz free. He has a brilliant eye and is a true artist with both his scissor and color!! I receive compliments on a daily basis. Thank you CHAD for really bringing out my wonderful curls!
by Terese on 09/02/2009
Curl Type: NONE
It was awesome to finally be able to grow my hair. With this cut I can actually go longer in between cuts. I now love my curly hair.

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