The Abbey Salon

Zip: 39402
Country: United States
State: Mississippi
City: Hattiesburg
Address: 22 98 Place Blvd Suite 50


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    This morning I called to confirm my Ouidad appointment with Lauren before driving 1.5 hours from Louisiana to the salon. I was told my appointment was at 11:15 today before getting on the highway. I drove and made it to the salon 20 minutes before my appointment and was greeted by 3 ladies at the front desk. They told me my appointment was next Tuesday. I showed them my phone and the call log of my phone call this am confirming today’s appointment because I had not received a text. I was leery so I called before making the drive. All 3 ladies went to talk try to see who I talked to this am. I waited 15 minutes before anyone acknowledge me again. They said no one had taken my call. I again showed my call log. Lauren passed the message along that she was booked for the day and that she looked at my hair and thought someone else could potentially fit me in, but she could not. I drove 1.5 hours for a special cut because I prefer the Ouidad cut. Lauren never spoke to me, she had her co workers tell me I could not have my hair done with her today. The messenger said I could keep my appointment next week at a discount. Why would I come back to an appointment with someone who did not take a moment to speak with me and try to get me to have a cut that I did not book. I could get a professional cut in my town, not the Ouidad, which is why I drove. I can not speak for the cut itself, but I can say the way this was handled was extremely unprofessional.

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Certified Salon
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The Abbey Salon is an upscale salon with a unique, electric, fun decor and a fabulously talented staff of professionals. Our focus is on providing you with the best hair services available in the Hattiesburg area. We offer basic hair services and some special services exclusive to the area including hair extensions, the Keratin Complex Smoothing System and the Ouidad Experience.