Hair Density 101

The answer to why the hair on the woman next to you appears full and thick, while yours struggles to feign even a hint of volume, is hair density, which is affected by your hair texture, porosity and width. And when you know what affects the density of your hair, you will better choose the right products to improve its appearance.

The density of your hair refers to how tightly individual strands of hair are packed together — about 2,200 strands of hair per square inch for the average person. To determine your curl density, look at your dry hair hung loose in its natural shape, from different angles and up close. If your scalp is easily visible, you have low curl density. If your scalp is somewhat visible, you have medium curl density. And if your scalp is barely visible, you have high hair density.

PRODUCTS FOR LOW-DENSITY HAIR The best products to use for low-density hair are lightweight products that don’t weigh down your hair and compromise its volume. The Curl Shaper product range is ideal for loose curls because it encourages weightlessness, plumps curl volume and leaves hair feeling soft to the touch.


The best products to use for medium-density hair are those that enhance its texture. As this hair type can use a variety of products, we suggest the VitalCurl product range because it delivers the perfect amount of moisture and styling property, so curls stay healthy and feel supple.


High-density hair requires products that will hold curls together and reduce volume, for example our Curl Quencher or Coil Infusion formulas. Each product within these ranges delivers internal strand nourishment without stressing delicate tresses. Hair with high density would also benefit from product layering to trap moisture in.