Caring for curls while growing them longer

125-Growing-Long-Curls-lg-1Although curly hair comes with certain challenges like its inherent fragility, which makes it more prone to breakage and harder to grow longer, growing it is possible if you follow these simple rules:

Don’t over-wash your hair. Unless your hair is oily, washing your hair daily is a big don’t because it strips it of much-needed natural oils, which leaves it dry and brittle - a recipe for breakage. Ouidad stylists suggest you wash your hair every few days on an as-needed basis. Another option is to skip the traditional cleansing and do a co-washing with Curl Immersion Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner for tighter, kinkier curls or Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo - a gentle cleansing shampoo with strong conditioning properties to nurture and cater to softer, looser classic curl patterns. The third non-traditional cleansing option is Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil, which hydrates dry, fragile, damaged curls without the heaviness or greasiness, gently removing dirt and build-up, while nutrient-rich CR-4 Repair complex injects healing moisture into each curl.

Wash and condition your hair in sections. Because curly hair is dense and is frequently unruly and hard to manage, it can be difficult for shampoos and conditioners specifically targeted to your curl type, to reach every part of your hair, so doing so section-by-section is the best. The number of sections you will need is determined by your curl density. Low density hair means smaller sections and high density hair means a lot more sections, so product is distributed evenly from root-to-tip with the Double Detangler comb or the regular Wide-Tooth Comb.

Use a rich, deep treating conditioner. To soften your hair and manage tangles, use Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, which, when used with heat opens each cuticle and infuses them with eight amino acids and two proteins essential for strong, fully-nourished, healthy curls. This treatment is also excellent for repairing a damaged surface layer and is critical in assisting with curl formation. To further protect and lock in moisture, use Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner.

Use these tips to protect your freshly-nourished and growing hair:

Only fingers allowed. Thou shalt not use a fine-toothed comb or a brush, especially when hair is wet because your hair will break. Always opt for using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb like the Double Detangling Comb to detangle your hair before styling.

Press, don’t rub, moisture out. Rubbing your hair with a towel while it’s wet produces friction that causes damage and leads to easy breakage. The best drying technique is to squeeze your hair gently with a towel or use a less-abrasive cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth to dry your hair.

Ditch the ponytails and buns. The occasional bun or ponytail won’t cause irreversible damage, but wearing these styles too frequently will eventually cause breakage. Because the ponytail is a go-to style for many, mitigate your chances of breakage by using fabric-covered non-tangle hair ties sans the metal pieces. Always steer clear of raw rubber bands. Ouidad, does however suggest you put your hair in a top knot in a pineapple bunch to preserve your daily curl style.

Get regular trims. Despite what you may think, it still necessary to trim your hair even when you’re growing it out because when you don’t, the damage that is accumulated as a result leads to breakage and stunts further growth. To clarify, a trim only involves removing split-ends, so that the remaining hair and any new growth is healthy and resilient.

FACTOID: Did you know that the average person grows ½ an inch of hair per month? But if that same ½ inch or more of hair is breaking, something is amiss and it’s best that you seek out a certified Ouidad Curl Expert to discuss the best way to bring your hair back to its healthiest state. Our Ouidad Flagship salons in both NYC and Santa Monica are where you can find Curl Experts trained in our proprietary Carving and Slicing and styling methodology. You may also use our salon locator to find a Certified Stylist near you.

Treasure Your Body. Topical agents alone won’t give you your best hair, but when combined with moderate exercise and the right internal nutrients, healthy hair can be. Eat a well-balanced diet that includes protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids to encourage hair strength, exercise at least 20 minutes a few times a week and drink plenty of water daily to improve your body’s overall function and to support healthy hair growth.