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Enhance Your Curls - Stylutions™ (n) /sty.loo.shuns/

Multi-benefit curly hair styling products that
resolve curls biggest issues

Our Stylution™ for curly hair that falls flat?

Our Stylution™ for hair that falls flat?

Meet Going Up!, add volume to hair with our texture dry oil mist spray that separates and defines curls without dryness and frizz.

Going Up! Volumizing Texture Spray

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6.5oz - $34.00

Our Stylution™ for healthy thicker curls?

Our Stylution™ for repairing dry, damaged, and dull curls?

Meet Revive and Shine, a restorative dry oil that softens, moisturizes, and delivers intense nourishment and shine without weighing down curls.

 Revive & Shine Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist

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5.0oz - $28.00

Our Stylution™ for refreshing curls in-between washes?

Our Stylution™ for fresh curls in-between washes?

Meet Clean Sweep, a moisturizing dry shampoo that cleanses, refreshes curls without leaving a trace.

Clean Sweep Moisturizing Dry Shampoo

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5.0oz - $26.00

Our Stylution™ for strong, healthy curls?

Infusing each one of our Stylution™ formulas with a strand-strengthening
Carob Tree Complex and ultra-nourishing Mongongo Oil.

This powerful duo leaves hair strong, soft and more resistant to breakage.

The built-in heat + UV protection helps curls stay healthy-looking.

Soft curls on the outside. Healthy hair on the inside


Our proprietary Carob Tree Complex adheres to dry strands and helps strengthen the keratin bonds. Increasing hairs resistance to breakage and improving the integrity of the strand. So your curls are stronger and healthier-looking.


Vitamin E rich Mongongo Oil infuses moisture into the hair and forms a protective barrier around each strand. Locking in moisture, smoothing and softening the cuticle and adding gloss and shine to curls from root to tip.

HEAT + UV Protecting

Built-in heat and UV protection keeps your curls covered against dryness, damage and color fade associated with heat tools, UVA/UVB rays and environmental aggressors.