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Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Christiansburg
Address: 1600 Roanoke Street (weigh station) suite D


39 reviews
  1. Alyce Quinn

    I've been going to Annie for several years now, first for the Ouidad cut, and now also for color. I travel more than 60 miles each way, but it's well worth it. I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair, and I've learned so much from her about how to care for my curls. I refer people to her all the time.

  2. Guest Reviewer

    I also drive in from Lynchburg, VA for the past 3 years since I've found Annie. She's been cutting my hair for the past 5 years. This is hands-down the best haircut. And, you get your money's worth with all the knowledge she freely provides. I get ao many compliments and recommend to all my curly friends!

  3. Guest Reviewer

    I have been going to Annie for about a year and my hair has never felt better. After years of fighting my curls I can finally embrace what God gave me. She is an expert for both my haircut and color. She is the best!

  4. Guest Reviewer

    Although my hair is wavy when long, I have been wearing it short for the last few years (above the chin). It was fortuitous that I found Annie and she is the only stylist I use now!! Annie takes the time to understand your hair by understanding you as a client. Still keeping my hair short, Annie will let me know if a style I like (from a magazine) would work with my hair, face, etc. She is honest and sincere, which is invaluable. That translates into she won't cut my hair in a style that won't work for me. Recently, she suggested that I try Ouidad products because I was breaking out from other products I had been using. her recommendations were spot-on and I love the new shampoo and cleansing conditioner I'm using now. She takes time to find what works best for you and you just can't find that care and attention with everyone! My hair always looks great and lasts for at least 6-8 weeks. That includes the color. Again, she found the right blends for me that compliment my skin tone, and as the gray (ugh!) grows out, it looks like highlights. What's nice is that when you schedule an appointment, she spreads out her schedule so you don't have to wait when you show up. Couldn't be happier! Her years of experience are obvious with the end result. Gorgeous hair that she has sculpted to fit you.

  5. Guest Reviewer

    My mom discovered Ouidad about 10 years ago and I had my first Ouidad cut in CT while visiting. I FINALLY learned how to love my curls! It was very difficult to get to salons that were hours away until I discovered Ana close by in the New River Valley. Ana does an awesome job with my Ouidad cut and does beautiful color when I want to cover the "sparkles"! At every visit, Ana always gives me great new tips and products to make my curls look their best. She recently did a Ouidad cut on my 7 year old daughter and I couldn't be more pleased! Ana is the one to see if curly you be!

  6. Guest Reviewer

    After a Ouidad cut by Annie, my hair is bouncy, not thin and scraggly (as has happened elsewhere!) Last year she color-corrected my highlights. By now the highlighted hair has been all cut off, the color is a natural silver, highlighted by the great cut! Annie takes lots of time with her clients, explains everything thoroughly, and makes sure we're happy.

  7. Jenny Fuente

    I have been getting my hair done with Annie for a year now. It has taken me many years to embrace my naturally curly hair and now it is so easy for me to maintain and I love my style. Annie does a great job on my color and keeping my Ouidad cut fresh. I enjoy the privacy of her salon and she always works with me on my schedule to fit in an appointment. Thanks Annie! Highly recommend Curly Cut & Color Studio.

  8. Guest Reviewer

    Meeting Annie was the best thing that could have ever happened to my curls! Before I walked into her salon, I had the dreaded triangle hair, coupled with a very bad color that was not flattering for my skin tone. Annie not only rid me of my triangle hair with the Ouidad cut, but she introduced me to Ouidad products (the ones perfect for my hair) and took the time to teach me how to use them properly with the rake and shake technique. Not only that, but she gave me the best rich red color that people still talk about years later and think that it's my natural color! I love my curls now and beam with pride with each hair compliment I get. If you're a curly in the NRV, you MUST see Annie!

  9. Guest Reviewer

    *My only concern was that she doesn't have a physical/digital portfolio of clients she has actually done herself. Not asking for profesional photos/models, but the everyday curly girl with before/after photos. I saw Ana to only do a consult and after talking with her for 45 minutes, I was still a little nervous. Ana remained patient with me and insisted I do more research then come back when I felt more comfortable, if I wanted. Before seeing her, I had been researching the Ouidad and other methods for over a year, so there wasn't much more I could read; I had already watched all of the videos I could, and got opinions from my straight hair stylist friends (who had previously cut my hair). My nervousness stemmed from letting someone new cut my curly hair (we all know how that feels!), so I went for it then and there. She listened to my concerns, kept my hair long, and was so fun to chat with during the whole experience! I would recommend Ana to anyone and everyone!

  10. Angela Woodie

    Ana is wonderful. She has been cutting and coloring my hair for many years and I could not be happier. Ana has cut both my girls hair, the oldest with very tight curls and youngest with very loose curls. They both adore Ana and constantly ask when they will get to see her again. She has taught my oldest daughter how to embrace her curls and how to use use the products best suited for her hair. If you have curly hair and can't quite figure out how to style it or get it to do what you want Ana is your answer.

  11. Jennifer Conenna

    I had given up on my hair after having years of bad hair cuts (from so called curly hair experts!) But Ana convinced me to let her give me a curly cut. I'm so glad that I did! My hair looks better then it has in years! I brought my daughter into have Ana cut her hair using the Ouidad method also and her hair came out looking incredible!! Ana did an absolutely wonderful job!!

  12. Guest Reviewer

    I've been getting my hair cut by Annie for over 20 years. My mother first brought me to see her when i was 7 and couldn't find anyone capable of dealing with my crazy curls and cowlicks. I've followed her to to several studios and kept in touch ever since! I promise seeing her will brighten your day and I cannot recommend her enough!

  13. Guest Reviewer

    I really like that Ana listens to me, makes helpful suggestions, and then we figure out together what to do with my hair. She cares about what she's doing, takes her time, and knows her stuff. Ana showed me how to make the Ouidad haircut work for me using a simplified version. People who don't generally like hair color, really like the color Ana uses for me.

  14. Guest Reviewer

    Annie is the best! She has been cutting my crazy not-straight-not-curly hair to perfection for over a decade and now does wonders with my 14-year-old daughter's long curly tresses. Annie LISTENS to her clients, but is willing to exercise her creative flair if you ask her to. She is an expert colorist too. I get so many compliments on my wash-and-go professional but youthful style, and I owe it all Annie.

  15. Guest Reviewer

    I searched high and low for a stylist that could cut and highlight my daughters curly hair. Her hair had been extremely damaged by over processing. We found Annie's sight online and went to visit her. She told us it would take a year to reverse all the damage. Her hair was falling out and breaking off by the handfuls. Annie is the best. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Sometimes you do more damage by over processing and she is clear to tell you that instead of just doing what you want. She carries a wonderful line of Ouidad products which is all that my daughter uses now on her hair. The difference in her hair in the last 2 years is amazing. Her hair has stopping falling out and has begun to thicken up a lot due to the products, her professional Ouidad cut for curly hair, and her ability to listen and use her professional knowledge to provide a valuable service. We currently travel over an hour just to visit her Salon, but I would travel further than that if I needed too. She is an inspiration for people with curly hair!

  16. Guest Reviewer

    I've been going to Annie for about 5 years and am so grateful I found her! She does an excellent job of cutting my naturally curly hair-like nothing I've ever experienced before. She is friendly and professional at all times and does her best to accommodate your needs. I think my current haircut is my favorite cut yet. I showed Annie a photo of a haircut I liked. The girl's hair was nothing like mine, but Annie put her creativity to work and found a way to incorporate elements of the style into my curly hair. Her new "one woman" shop is a great set up. It is clean and very well stocked with a fantastic selection of products (much better stocked than the previous salon she worked at). It's a really pleasant experience to be the only person in the salon-very personal-like going to a massage therapist or something. Anne leaves ample time for her customers and never rushes her appointments. If you're looking for an excellent stylist, especially if you have curly hair, you will not be disappointed with Annie! I don't know what I would do if I ever lost the opportunity to have my hair cut by her!

  17. Melissa Dalton

    Ana modified my life. I have been going to her for 4 years and my hair is in the best shape ever. She does a Quidad cut and color every time I go which is basically twice a year. She trained me in how to style my hair and takes her time with me every time she does my hair. I wish I had found her earlier in my life. With the Quidad cut, I only wash my hair twice per week. I use several of the products. The hair style is awesome and so is Ana.

  18. judith mann

    Annie is the Best! I have been coming to Annie for 4 years and my only regret is that I wish I would have found her sooner! I have very wild and crazy curly hair that grows out instead of down. What Annie does to my hair is nothing short of artwork. Visiting Annie at her salon is always like a little mini vacation for me and I leave feeling like a million bucks! Annie's haircuts hold until it is time for the next cut. I can usually go about 3 months before I need another one of Annie's Ouidad cuts and it looks great the entire time between cuts. My hair always looks great! Annie's haircuts are consistent. What you get the first time you see her will be what you get 4 years later! Give her a try. If you have curly hair make an appointment and visit her today!

  19. Lorri Huffard

    Annie is a miracle worker! I could never wear my very curly hair in a curly style until she made it manageable. She's fantastic!

  20. Elizabeth Boehme

    Truly, I can only think of 1 haircut, yes one, in 30 years, that I liked, before a friend (with gorgeous curls) said "you have curly hair too, you just hide it in that braid all the time... you need to go see Annie." She spent 3 hours on my first Ouidad cut; I had very long, very thick hair that's a mix of classic curls in the back, some loose, and straight sections in the front. She preserved my length, brought out my curl, and most of all, taught me how to work with it! I've been really pleased with the cuts I've received. I also love that she encourages me to come to her for simple trims between her Ouidad cuts; my wallet appreciates it. She's friendly, honest and straightforward, gives good suggestions, and does not encourage you to buy more products than you need. Her studio space is bright, quiet, comfortable, and in a convenient location. I absolutely recommend her!

  21. Guest Reviewer

    I am so happy that I found Ana! I have been searching for someone who knows how to cut and color curly hair for my whole life. Ana was so professional when I went to see her. She explained the Ouidad haircut, how to style and take care of my hair at home and explained to me how curly hair needs to be colored. I have never had someone take so much time to explain in detail about what they are doing to your hair and how to keep your hair healthy. She is worth every penny. If you are thinking about getting the Ouidad haircut, go ahead and call Ana. You will love the results!

  22. MaryLou Moore

    If you have curly hair, do yourself a favor and go see Annie. I have medium length frizzy hair with a tight curl, and have struggled with/fought my hair for years. A friend kept telling me to go see Annie. I finally decided to do it, and am so glad I did. Annie truly understands curly hair, and seems to enjoy teaching those with curls exactly how to make the most of them. The Ouidad cut is not cheap, but is only necessary once or twice a year. It is a very specialized cut, and Annie is amazing! The products are long lasting, as well. I really appreciate Annie's quick response for setting up appointments, as well as the way she interacts with me and teaches me how to love my curls.

  23. Marisol Aspillaga

    I got a hair cut from Ana 3 weeks ago and it was amazing! I'm really picky about my hair because it is very curly and no one really knows anything about curly hair in my area so when I heard about her from the Ouidad website I decided to give her a try and she totally nailed it! I have been to soo many different hair salons and have always left disappointed but she really knows what she is doing! Her friendly disposition puts you at ease right from the get go, as you both discuss your desires. She walks you through what she’s going to do to your hair first and if you have any reservations, she’ll gladly take care of them. Never have I been to a stylist who asks questions about my hair and cares that I actually understand how to take of it on my own. She is super meticulous and wasn't satisfied until everything was perfect. It was the best cut I've ever had and it is so much easier to style it after she did the Ouidad haircut! If you have unruly, curly hair like me, it can be very challenging finding someone who knows how to handle this type of hair and it’s such a relief to have found Ana! She's a magician, not to mention, great conversation and a fun person too! I would like to add that I went back 2 weeks later to do color and oh my gosh!!!! She definitely wowed me! I walked in terrified of color after several bad jobs in the past. Ana quickly eased my fears and did the most amazing job with my hair. I cannot thank her enough for the amazing job that she did. She is the nicest person and the BEST colorist ever!!!! I will never get colored anywhere else. Thank you so much ANA!!!!

  24. Susan Kalinoski

    I had read about Ouidad for quite some time and knew this is what I needed. I was tired of fighting my curls and finally made an appointment to see Ana in March 2017. She is 2 hours away from me, and I hoped it would be worth the trip. Wow, was she worth it! She was incredible! She spent several hours with me, cutting, conditioning, and teaching me how to care for my hair and making sure I understood everything. For the first time in my life (I am 52 years old), I actually LOVE my curly hair. True to her word, following her instructions my curls have just gotten better and better over the past 5 months. I am getting ready to make my 2nd appointment and can't wait for Ana to get her hands on my hair again! If you have curly hair, do yourself a favor and go see Ana so you, too, can have the best hair of your life! It is worth.every.penny!

  25. Tina King

    Ana is knowledgeable, accommodating, and personable. I'm a happy returning customer!

  26. Erin Boardwine

    For years and years I’ve spent hundreds of dollars looking for a hairstylist that understood how to cut my curly hair. I’ve sat in other Ouidad stylists chairs with the same results...disappointment. I was never happy with a haircut until I came to see Mrs. Anna. I swear, this lady understands more about curly hair than even God himself :) She just knows her stuff. Call her. You won’t ever be sorry to sit in her chair!

  27. Patricia Herskovitz

    Ana is the best at what she does. I have had many Ouidad cuts in several different states and was so glad to find her near me.


    I've been going to Ana for about 1 1/2 years, and it's refreshing to finally have my hair cut by someone who understands curly hair! My curls are more dramatic (in a good way) and fuller now. Ana takes the time to work with your type of hair, and she offers a lot of helpful tips on how to manage your curls.

  29. Janet Lynn-Taylor

    I had so many bad hair days in my life. I thought I would never find someone that would actually make me love my hair. Then I found Ana and discovered that not only could she give me a great cut but she could also teach me how to use the great products from Ouidad that she recommended for my hair type. I highly recommend her for cut and color.


    All I can say is that I hope I live long enough to FINALLY enjoy my curls. Ana is an artist and a magician. She is a certified Ouidad stylist. Other stylists don't even come close to what Ana can do with curly hair. She takes her time and teaches you about your curls. Color is perfection as well. My hair looks amazing and modern. Can you say FRIZZ FREE, ladies???? Just do it....well worth every penny. Plus, her personality is great! Thanks, Ana.

  31. Ashley Peele

    My hair is a weird mix of loose and classic curls. Annie is the first stylist that I have found who truly knew how to cut my hair. She took the time to educate me about the products, plus shared a lot of curly hair-care info, which I'd never been told before. Totally revolutionized my hair care and styling. It's 100% healthier now, plus I finally know how to style it effectively. So glad that Annie is in my community and I finally have found a system/products that works for me.


    Ana is wonderful! She spent over 2 hours with me explaining how to style and care for my hair and what products to use. The cut itself was wonderful! Probably the first time in my life that I’ve left a salon truly happy with my results. I highly recommend her!


    My experience in Ana's chair was totally awesome! She took the time to familiarize herself with my hair type before she started and she explained to me every step of the process. I left there with the best looking curls I have ever had! She shared knowledge on my hair and what I needed to do to maintain the curls. I couldn't have been more happy!


    Finally! I’ve found an educated, well trained, super talented stylist who not only knows how to cut and treat curly hair, but is an EXPERT at it! I scheduled my first appointment with Ana for a cut and color. That was the first time in my life a stylist looked at the condition of my hair and said, “No. I’ll cut it and we’ll work on getting it in better condition before we talk about color. That would be bad for your hair.” She spent the next hour or so learning about my hair, assessing my knowledge base, teaching me about curl patterns, how curly hair like mine needs to be cut, how to apply products, how to style my hair, how to refresh my style, how often to wash it....and of course, cutting and styling my hair!


    My hair looks so much better than it ever has.I have learned from Ana about how to care for and style it,she is the best!!She takes her time with you and isn't happy until you are.So,so glad I found Ana


    FINALLY, I have a hairdresser in the NRV that can make my curly hair work for me and not against me. I have been so happy with the attention Ana gives to my hair. I trust her judgment completely for age appropriate cuts and styles that work with my current lifestyle. I am not now or ever been one that wants to spend too much time on my hair. She has shown me new tricks to have my hair looking good even with my frequent "bed head" and gym days !!!

  37. Melanie Morris

    Ana has been a heaven sent for my curls! She has taught me so much about the products and how I can best use them and not over use them. Her cut is the best I have ever had in my 44 year old life with curls. She is a true talent as well as a great person! I Highly recommend her to anyone who asks me about my hair!


    Ana was amazing! She took over 2 hours to treat, cut, and style my hair. Along the way she helped me understand how to care for my curls. She helped bring back the curl I thought I had lost due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and nursing.


    Just love Ana....I wasn't even aware that I had curl....just thought I had frizz:) In just two appointments she has managed to educate me about my new found curl and take my dry hair to awesome hair. A client for life for sure!

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