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Loose Curls (type 2c & 3a hair)

Loose Curls Need Balanced Hydration

Timeless twists and springy spirals: The loose curl is always in style.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the loose curl has twist and bouncing body. Consistency is key for these type 2c and 3a curls, which loop around again and again. Thanks to their spiraled shape, which forces the cuticle open, these curls are vulnerable to dehydration that can leave them looking dull and frizzy. The Ouidad collection keeps internal moisture levels balanced, so every strand is hydrated on the inside and smooth and shiny on the outside. Consistent use means curls grow healthier over time, while spirals stay defined, resilient, and free of frizz.

“Loose curls’ ringlets move like no other curl. This curl type requires proper hydration for perfectly defined and cascading curls. With lots of moisture and styling products that create definition, Ouidad’s VitalCurl+ collection brings the l curl to life.”


Key Ingredients for Loose Curls

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Vital Vitamins (like B5 and E) moisturize and glossify, making hair expertly defined: all coils, no frizz.

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Moisturizing Botanicals add deep moisture, plumping your curls from within. The end result? Manageable curls and a lustrous finish.

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Natural Proteins (from Wheat, Silk, and Soy) add body and strength to keep your internal moisture levels balanced for healthy, high-performance curls.

Drawing of different loose curl texture types

Moisture + Nutrients = Balance

With natural definition, the loose curl strand coils in a steady s-pattern from root to end. When healthy, spirals flourish, uniform and shapely with natural fullness. When stripped of moisture or stressed by damage, 2c and 3a can fall flat or frizz. Our formulas infuse the right amount of gentle moisture to keep curls in top condition.

Super gentle, supremely nourishing: Our pH-balanced formulas keep moisture sealed within each strand to leave curls’ cuticle smooth and spirals strong.

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