Woman with curly hair in two buns on either side of her head

Two Buns


15 min


Quick & Easy

This two-bun style is both ‘90s-inspired and so right now. Braid your hair before pinning it up to keep your curls secured.


Step 2

Distribute styling cream through hair using the Rake and Shake technique: Rake a nickel-size amount of cream through each section of hair. Hold the ends of the section and shake curls into place.

Step 3

Blow dry hair with a diffuser.

Step 4

Once hair is dry, part into two sections. Create a high ponytail on one side.

Step 5

Braid the ponytail.

Step 6

Coil the braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

Step 7

Repeat on the other side.

Product Used

Looks for Curly Hair