The 6-Step Melt-Down Mask Makeover

{ Friday, 29 January 2016 }

Curls require internal moisture and nutrients to hold and form their shape. The natural arcs and angles of a curl leave the cuticle layer exposed, allowing natural moisture and nutrients to escape and climatic aggressors, chemicals and heavy ingredients to be absorbed. Damaged, chemically treated hair often experiences a compromised lipid barrier – the natural […]

Why Do I Need a Leave-In Conditioner?

{ Wednesday, 22 April 2015 }

To Leave or Not to Leave It In, that is the burning question – Understanding the benefits of a leave-in conditioner: Leave-in conditioners are designed to bring manageability to your hair by making it smoother, more flexible, and to strengthen the core structure. They act as protective barriers between cleansing and conditioning the hair before […]