Workout Tips For Curls

Have you ever skipped a workout to preserve your curls? We sure have. But staying active doesn’t have to mean sacrificing great hair days, according to Ouidad Curl Advisory Board stylist September Sirico, resident curl specialist at Greg & Tony Salon in Westport, CT.

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“As a Crossfit athlete, I train 5 days a week. I take care of my curls the same way I take care of my body, through nutrition,” September says. “Using the right prescription of products to feed my hair keeps it healthy, hydrated, and full of bounce and life.”

Here are a few of her best tips for maintaining beautiful curls while staying fit. 1. Toss your hair into a loose bun or pineapple on top of your head while working out. This keeps it out of your face and is gentle on your locks. After taking it down, use Ouidad’s PlayCurl® Curl Amplifying Styling Spray to refresh and add a little bit of hold. Let it air dry. No shampoo required!

2. Braids are fierce! You can keep your workout braids for the rest of the day or take them out. Use a little or our Wave Create™ Sea Spray, scrunch and go for a tousled look.

3. Deep condition your curls while you sweat: Once a week, work out with Ouidad’s Triple Treat Deep Conditioner in your hair, slicked back into a bun. Rinse it out after your workout and style.

                   What a Trainer & Nutritionist Does to Keep Her Curls in Tip-Top Shape

As a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, and creative strategist, Kara Griffin spends her days helping her clients feel amazing. We asked the Los Angeles-based wellness pro about her favorite workout, and how she cares for her curly hair.

What’s your approach to fitness and wellness?

The thing that I believe in most is that we should eat, move, and live for how we want to feel. What we’re putting our body will have a direct effect on what we feel. Stick to whole foods, clean ingredients—as simple and delicious as you can make them.

In terms of fitness, do what you’re drawn to: movements that make you feel strong, positive, vibrant, and more confident. Whatever that might be, whether it’s yoga or swim or Pilates, do that because you will keep coming back to it, and that’s what will keep you feeling good.

How do you like to work out?

One of my favorite workouts is rebounding. I work on small trampolines to get a combined cardio and muscle sculpting workout. It gets your heartrate up, but without the impact on your joints. And because you’re bouncing on a dynamic surface, you’re basically toning from the bellybutton down

How do you typically style your hair?

I like to keep it really simple. After I use the Advanced Climate Control shampoo and conditioner, I’ll leave a little bit of the conditioner in, and then towel dry. I use the Heat & Humidity Gel, and when my hair is almost dry, I add a little bit of the Featherlight Styling Cream. This gives my curls shape and definition, and my hair can bounce back from being in a messy bun after I work out.

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