Celebrity Stylist Advice: How to Keep Your Curls Healthy

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When hairstylist Tiffany Daugherty isn’t prepping her celebrity clients for photo shoots and red carpet appearances, she’s helping to define the future of curly hair as part of Ouidad’s Curl Advisory Board. We asked the L.A.-based stylist to share her advice on keeping curls springy, shiny, and damage-free—plus her must-have essential products for bringing out hair’s natural texture.

  1. Make hydration your #1 priority. “Always moisturize curly hair and keep it very conditioned, because the air and the elements can be torturous to curls.”
  2. Heat style sparingly. “Try your best to stay away from heat—irons, blowing dry straight—if you’re concerned about losing elasticity with your curls. Air drying is always the best.”
  3. Safeguard your strands. “If you must use any type of heat at all on your hair, always use an excellent heat protectant.”
  4. Take a cue from your skincare regimen. “Layer different products on the hair to protect at every stage. You would think that if you put seven products on your hair, it’s going to be weighed down and not vibrant, but Ouidad has a step for every phase that completely protects and coats the hair without being heavy.”


Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

“It can be used on every curl texture. Whether it’s hot or it’s raining, your curls will remain locked in place.” 

Texture Smoothing Frizz & Flyaway Fighter Spray

“Really good for quick curl separation. I had a client on a shoot who arrived with a product in her curls that was really heavy. I didn’t want to pack anything else on top of it, and I didn’t have time to wet the hair, so I tested the Texture Smoothing spray on one curl. It separated so beautifully!”

Curl Last Flexible-Hold Hairspray

“It holds curls in place really quickly, and it’s not heavy or drying to the curl.”

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