Curl Master: Our Q&A with Lauren Moser

Lauren Moser Q&A

Lauren Moser has established herself as a leading force in the field of creative hair design. Her professional portfolio ranges from runway shows, editorial photo shoots and ad campaigns, to the commercial looks her clients love at her trendy Hair Lab Detroit the Salon. Her head-turning signature hair fashion looks have won top national honors and media attention for their versatile trend statements, innovative techniques and artistic originality. As the winner of the Textures category at the 2015 North American Hair Awards [NAHA], Lauren sets the highest standards for all that she approaches, and is widely known for her positive high energy, commitment and humility.

We are proud to have Lauren join the Ouidad Curl Advisory Board and look forward to building the future of curls with her expertise. We sat down with her recently to get the inside scoop of how she gets inspired to create magic for curly clients in the salon.


O: How long have you worked in curls? What inspired you to start working with curls?

LM: I have been working with curls for 18 years. My sister has very curly hair, and she was always willing to let me practice on her. I fell in love with curls and the endless possibilities that they offer. While the texture can be intimidating, hair will do what you tell it to do, so we as stylists need to learn to speak the language through cutting and styling techniques, and the proper styling aids. Once we understand all of that, we can unlock the beauty of the wild world of curly hair.


O: What do you enjoy most about creating looks for curls?

LM: What I enjoy most about curly hair is the transformation. Curly clients either have no idea they have curly hair, or they have no idea how to manage it. Through customizing a cut that is designed for their specific hair, and educating them on what products they need to enhance their texture I am able to transform their entire look. It offers them the confidence to love and understand their hair, maybe for the first time. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a client walk out of the salon with their head held just a little higher than when they came in!

O: Where do you get your inspiration when considering looks for your curly clients?


LM: I take cues from my clients’ lifestyle and fashion sense to lead me in the right direction. For my fashion forward clients, I look to current and upcoming trends, in both hair and fashion, for my inspiration. These clients typically prefer an edgier look that embraces and enhances their shape and texture because they view hair as an accessory to their overall look. When it comes to my wash and wear curly clients I tend to stay more traditional and look for classic styles and shapes that will fall into place with little effort. These clients are much more low maintenance and prefer to keep their curls neat and organized, with little fuss. While these clients like to stay updated, fads and trends are rarely the driving force in making decisions when it comes to their hair style. I always integrate current trends in texture to keep their classic shapes modern.

O: What is the one tip you would give to anyone with curly hair?

LM: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Curls cannot perform to their greatest potential without an abundance of the moisture it naturally lacks.

O: What is your favorite curl look that you’ve ever done?

Style by Lauren Moser

LM: The look I styled for my 2014 NAHA Texture entry didn’t make it to the finals, but it will always be one of my favorites. In this shot, I used Abigail’s natural texture along with curls created with a curling rod to add refinement. Her evening gown is opulent and elegant, but her curls seem to give her an edgy confidence which shows through her body language and attitude. It’s a powerful statement.