How to Refresh Your Curls for Fall with Irinel de León


Although we’ve spent the past several months quarantining at home, there have still been creative and safe ways to get outside and enjoy some fun in the sun. But, being out in the heat and water can really wreak havoc on our curls. So, when the cooler months start to approach, some major mane nourishment is needed. I’m sharing how I care for my curls at the end of the Summer just in time to refresh them for Fall.



It’s important to not only reset your strands, but your scalp as well! I may sound like a broken record, but scalp care is so important, as it’s the home for your curls to grow. I love using the Ouidad Bubbling Scalp Maskit lifts away dirt, oil and build-up from the Summer months while also balancing the pH level of your scalp. It’s infused with ingredients to rejuvenate not only the scalp, but the hair follicle, too. Think of this as your clean slate for Fall.



Once my hair is cleansed, I follow up with an at-home deep hair protein treatment. I like to treat my curls to a deep conditioning 3-4 times during the month of August to really prep my strands for the change of seasons.

Hair is made up of chains of keratin and amino acids (read: proteins). Much of that protein gets lost from pollution, heat styling and tight hairstyles. To restore the hair, you’ll need to add some of that protein back in. This easy, DIY hair mask encompasses all of the goodness your hair needs after a long strand-depleting Summer.


Mix together and apply from roots to tips. Apply a plastic cap and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Feel free to apply some heat to further activate, then rinse and shampoo lightly using the Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Shampoo.Follow with your favorite conditioner. Mine is the Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Conditioner.



Find a hair mask you love and use it weekly leading up to the cooler months. I’m obsessed with the Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask–it restores the essential moisture back into your curls and leaves the hair super soft and shiny. 

I hope these tips and treatments are helpful in preparing your curls for the upcoming Fall season. Be sure to follow me onInstagram for more at-home treatments, Ouidad product recommendations, how-to hairstyles, and more!