Layering vs. Cocktailing with Brand Ambassador Irinel de León

Woman with damp curls holds up Ouidad Advanced Climate Control products

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably dabbled in layering and ‘cocktailing’ different products to find combinations that work best for your curl type. These are common practices amongst us curly girls, but can get a little tricky. If you haven’t yet experimented, I’m going to break down the different techniques that will help you customize your favorite products based on your specific hair type.


Layering is the process of applying one product on top of another to achieve your desired style. Personally, I find layering works best for most curl hair types. The benefits of layering? You’re able to control the amount of each product you apply by building it onto the strands. For example, I find that using a cream on wet hair then layering with gel works really well on my own hair, which is type 3C. This technique also works great on most thick and dry hair types. A cream will help with hydration and frizz, a gel will help with bounce and definition!

Woman with curly, wet hair squeezes Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity gel in palm


Cocktailing is a bit different from layering. Instead of applying each product one at a time, you’ll combine two or more products together and emulsify them in your hands to create an entirely new mixture. The benefits of cocktailing? You can change up your mixture depending on what your curls need that specific day. During the spring and summer months, you may want to add a bit more gel, like the Advanced Climate Control Gel, to help with frizz and definition. During the colder months when your curls are a bit drier, you can add more moisture into your cocktail with a leave-in cream.

Woman with damp curly hair holds hands up that contain Ouidad Advanced Climate Control product


Which technique is best for you? Test them both out using your go-to products to find out what works best for your hair. No matter which technique you use to style your hair, don’t forget to ‘break your cast’. Casts are great for locking in essential moisture and keeping frizz out, but you’ll want to avoid hard, crunchy curls. To ensure your curls are fluffy and soft, use your fingers to break up the cast. I like to spray a little Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Treatment Oil into my palms, crunch from the bottom, then glide my fingers through my curls. Next, I will take my fingers and lift  at the root to release any gel build-up that could be stuck to the scalp. 

Woman with wet curls massages Ouidad Advanced Climate Control product into hair

Share how you layer or cocktail your products on social using the hashtag #OuidadLove! Feel free to give me a follow on @hairinel to see how I layer and cocktail my favorite Ouidad products!

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