What’s Going in Your Hair: Breaking Down the Stylutions Ingredients

We already know that our new Stylutions products give the perfect blend of volume, texture and definition, allowing you to preserve your very best curl styles for days on end. We wish we could take all the credit, but we have to shout out the amazing ingredients in each of these products that do the work of giving you day 2,3,4, and even day 5 hair. Read below to learn about the who’s who in Stylutions:


 Revive & Shine Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist

Our Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist is not only ultra-hydrating but also gives your curls enviable shine all day long. Packed with watermelon and mongongo oils, this mist acts as a conditioner to your tresses and works alongside argan, walnut and avocado oils to give much needed nutrients. That’s how you end up with that, “my hair is super healthy right now” shine.


Clean Sweep Moisturizing Dry Shampoo

Both the rose hip seed and mongongo oils in our Moisturizing Dry Shampoo do an amazing job of maintaining your hair’s natural moisture. An added bonus is that whenever you feel the need to use this dry shampoo, you’ll be strengthening your hair and protecting it from breakage, the elements and general wear and tear.


Going Up! Volumizing Texture Spray

Who knew that silk was the missing ingredient to create the perfect curl softness? That’s right, our Volumizing Texture Spray is formulated with raw silk to help hold your hair without the crunch. Also, honey isn’t just for your pancakes anymore, the manuka honey in this spray helps define curls and cuts down on frizz by smoothing your cuticle. Lastly, any Ouidad fan is already familiar with mongongo oil so of course we had to add it to this product to make your curls the softest they can be.


  1. Going Up! Volumizing Texture Spray

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    6.5oz - $34.00
  2.  Revive & Shine Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist

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    5.0oz - $28.00
  3. Clean Sweep Moisturizing Dry Shampoo

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    5.0oz - $26.00
  4. Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment