How This Vanity Fair Editor Learned to Embrace Her Curls

Vanity Fair

For curly hair, the right cut can change everything—just ask Vanity Fair. The magazine’s beauty director recently invited a curly-haired colleague who’d been straightening her strands for years to visit Ouidad’s New York flagship salon. The challenge: Could our curl expert stylists bring her flat-iron-damaged hair back to life, and help her fall in love with her natural curls again?


Over the course of three appointments, Ouidad New York stylist and Curl Advisory Board member Jessica O’Brien worked her magic:

“That first day, she washed twice—first, with the Ouidad Water Works Shampoo and then with its Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil Shampoo, followed by the Deep Treatment, the first product Ouidad ever made, to help [the editor’s hair] ‘re-learn’ its curls. She sat her under a dryer where she ‘cooked’ for about 15 minutes while the treatment worked its magic. After a rinse and a round of the Balancing Rinse Conditioner, it was finally time for a cut […] ‘a haircut to put shape back into the hair,’ O’Brien explained.” Jessica trimmed about two inches of length, then used the Ouidad sliding gradation technique to create movement and shape. After two more in-salon Deep Treatments spaced two weeks apart, the editor’s curls had bounced back. At the final appointment, Jessica used the Rake and Shake method to apply Advanced Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel, revealing a mane of lush, lively curls. With hair like this, who needs a flat iron? No wonder the publication dubbed Ouidad “the ultimate destination for curly hair.”

Read the full story on Vanity Fair’s website. To kick off your own curl transformation, make an appointment at a Ouidad salon.

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