The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season is all about YOU. After you’re done shopping for everyone in your life make sure to take some time to shower yourself with the curly necessities you deserve. It’s been a long year and you’ve been really really good, and your curls should show it. Keep reading for the best products to nourish your hair from the inside out.

Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy

Like a lot of us, you might have been a little hard on your curls this year. From excessive straightening to slacking on your deep treatment rituals the good news is your curls can be revived. Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy works overtime to  infuse your hair with lost nutrients and moisture while improving manageability and strength. Plus,  it’s heat activated which makes the treatment able to penetrate your hair shaft easily.

The Double Detangler 

If your tangles always seem to fight you on wash day, there is no way you can go another day without this super comb in your arsenal. Not only is this comb tough on those pesky knots but super soft on your scalp due to the rounded tips. The double row of teeth ensures that your detangling time is cut in half. Your curls will be thanking you in 2020.

Bio Ionic’s Universal Diffuser

Every curly girl knows what a gamechanger having a good diffuser can be. How else can you dry your curls quickly without compromising style and getting a huge dose of volume? Our personal favorite is the Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser, it fits onto most blow dryers and gives you the ability to control your airflow so your style outcome is totally in your hands.

The WetBrush Shine Enhancer 

If you’re a fan of slicking back your curls into a cute bun or puff, you need a brush that keeps your styles right and tight but also brings out that shine. The Shine Enhancer brush from WetBrush is made with a mix of IntelliFlex and boar bristles that detangle and distribute your hair’s oils at the same time.

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