Your Spring Survival Guide For Brilliant Curls

From whipping winds to frizz-inducing showers, spring can be a bit… unpredictable in the way it affects your hair. Here’s what to do to help your curls get through it all.

Switch out your products

Time to shake it up! Your hair craves different products with the changing weather. Ouidad’s whole line of Anti-Frizz is your front-line of defense for spring, but the product we’re loving right now is the Advanced Climate Control® Detangling Spray. Not only does it detangle for defined curls, but it locks in moisture while locking out humidity. If you’re reaching for one product this season — make it this!

Get a Trim

Just like spring cleaning, it’s time to freshen up that hair. Damaged ends mean more frizz, so regular maintenance will help keep the frizz at bay.

Brush gently

Wide tooth combs (and finger combing!) when your hair is wet is the ideal minimalist care for frizz free detangling. And don’t skimp on the conditioner!

Give the Style Tools a Vacation

Heat + Humidity = Frizz City. Consider giving your heat tools a break and go natural for spring. But if you’re a heat junky (and we don’t blame you), reach for the Advanced Climate Control® detangling Spray. With its heat protection against everything from UV to heat to mechanical damage, this spray has you covered.


Break out of your winter funk and take your styling from head to toe. Reach for wraps, over-sized scrunchies, and other styles that pull your hair away from your face. Not only is it an opportunity to express yourself but they hold up better against wild winds or surprise showers.


  1. Advanced Climate Control® Detangling Spray

    Select Size

    2.5oz - $10.00
    8.5oz - $24.00
    2.5oz - 8.5oz
    $10.00 - $24.00
  2. Advanced Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel – Stronger Hold

    Select Size

    2.5oz - $10.00
    8.5oz - $26.00
    33.8oz - $75.00
    2.5oz - 33.8oz
    $10.00 - $75.00
  3. Advanced Climate Control® Restore + Revive Bi-Phase

    Select Size

    6.8oz - $32.00
    1.0oz - $12.00
    1.0oz - 6.8oz
    $12.00 - $32.00
  4. Advanced Climate Control® Featherlight Styling Cream

    Select Size

    5.7oz - $26.00
    2.0oz - $10.00
    2.0oz - 5.7oz
    $10.00 - $26.00


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