How to Use Mongongo Oil Based on Your Curl Type

While different curl types have different needs, they also share some common concerns. When it comes to curly hair, scalp oils have a harder time traveling down the bends in the hair shaft, which can leave hair dry and dull. 

That’s why adding additional moisture back into the hair is essential—and mongongo oil is an amazing way to do that. Mongongo oil is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, which form a protective barrier on hair’s surface. This prevents moisture from escaping, boosts shine, and even helps to protect against sun damage. 

Here’s how you can incorporate mongongo oil into your weekly routine based on your curl type. 

Loose Curls
Loose curls and waves tend to have a split personality: flatter at the crown, curvy in the mid-lengths, and drier on the ends. To bring your curls back to life, work our Revive & Shine Dry Oil Mist into your mid-lengths and ends. The mongongo and watermelon seed oils condition strands and deliver deep hydration, keeping curls soft, moisturized and resistant to breakage. 

Classic Curls
If frizz is an issue for your S-shaped spirals, use our Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Treatment to smooth things over. Pump a dime-sized amount into your hands and rub your palms together. Then, use your fingers to smooth the oil over the surface of your strands for additional moisture and shine. 

Pro tip: If you’re on Day 2 or 3 curls, our Clean Sweep Moisturizing Dry Shampoo will instantly refresh your curls in between washes. Made with mongongo oil and ultra-fine silky powders, it won’t dry out your scalp or cause buildup. 

Tight Curls

Oil makes an ideal finishing product for corkscrew coils since it adds an extra layer of protective moisture. After styling with gel, use a few pumps of our Mongongo Oil Treatment to smooth over your coils and break the ‘cast’. This styling method leaves tight curls soft and super shiny. 

Pro tip: If your curls are feeling extra dry, try using the oil as an overnight treatment. Saturate your mid-lengths and ends with the oil and sleep with a turban or towel. After you shampoo and condition in the morning, you’ll reveal smooth, shinier strands. 

Coily Curls 

When it comes to coily curls, the more moisture, the better. Layer up for mega hydration: Prime curls with a liquid leave-in, like our Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner, seal it in with our Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Treatment, and finish with a cream styler for lasting definition.