The Benefits of Using Mongongo Oil

While different curl patterns have different needs, they also share some common ground. With curly hair, scalp oils have a harder time traveling down the bends in the hair shaft, which can leave curls dry.

That’s why oils have such amazing benefits for all types of curls—and Mongongo Oil is one of the best. Mongongo Oil is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, which form a protective barrier on hair’s surface. This prevents moisture from escaping, boosts shine, and even helps to protect against sun damage.

And the pros don’t stop there. Here’s how this natural oil can benefit your curls, no matter what their texture.

Loose Curls
Loose, wavy curls tend to have a split personality: flatter at the crown, curvy in the mid-lengths, and drier on the ends. Work a few drops of oil into the tips of your hair to seal split ends and leave your waves looking full and healthy.

Classic Curls
If frizz is an issue for your S-shaped spirals, use Mongongo Oil to smooth things over. Spray a pump or two into your hand, and rub your palms together. Then use your fingers to smooth the oil over the surface of your dry hair, curl by curl, for an instant refresh.

Tight Curls
Oil makes an ideal finishing product for corkscrew coils, since it adds an extra layer of protective moisture. After styling with gel, once your curls are completely dry, spray a couple pumps of oil into your hands and smooth over your hair to break the cast. This method leaves tight curls soft and super shiny.

Kinky Curls
When it comes to kinky curls, the more moisture, the better. Layer up with the LOC method for mega hydration: Prime curls with a liquidy leave-in, seal it in with a nourishing oil, and finish with a cream styler for lasting definition.


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