How A Yogi Keeps Her Curls Intact

When our lives get super busy, sometimes your hair routine is the first thing to go. It’s always important to take a nice deep yoga breath and get back to the basics. We sat down with yoga expert, mom, and dog lover Gaby Lanz for how she deals with her long waves while still keeping up with a busy schedule. Keep reading for her tips on self-care and making every minute of your day count.


I practice daily. Sometimes it’s a full practice on the mat and sometimes it’s five minutes in the kitchen cooking dinner but I make sure to move my body every day. I usually have at least one yoga mat unrolled at all times so that I can step on it throughout the day.

I have a pretty minimal routine. I wash it every day but focus only on my roots and crown mainly and then use conditioner with a cold water rinse. I finger comb it all out while still in the shower and then allow it to air dry naturally. Ill also sometimes blow dry just the front wispy pieces that like to curl up around my face if I’m feeling fancy.

My hair is a mix of lots of curls and waves and its main problem is frizz and sun damage. I live in south Florida where humidity is always high, and the sun is usually shining.

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A high bun! A claw clip is my best friend.

Self – care is huge for me. It’s using quality products on my skin and hair. It’s hot baths and good books. Time outdoors, time on my mat and time alone. Its eating clean nutritious food and still saying yes to the chocolate. It’s being aware of my thoughts and words towards myself and shifting anything negative to something kind and compassionate.

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