Hair-apy 101: Hydration from Priming to Styling

Ouidad Whipped Curls Hydrating Primer

Step into our office, because it’s Hair-apy 101 time and we need to talk curl hydration. Hydration doesn’t just happen in the shower while using your favorite conditioner; it’s a crucial step that needs to be in every single part of your styling routine. If you’re wondering how best to moisturize your hair, we have a perfectly curated routine to make sure your curls are taken care of from priming all the way to styling.  

Some of our favorite moisturizing curly hair products such as Whipped Curls Daily Conditioner and Styling Primer and VitalCurl+ Soft Defining Mousse are perfect for penetrating your strands yet still being lightweight enough to keep that bounce we all love. Here are our favorite ways to hydrate your hair and infuse moisture into every step of your styling process:  

Step 1
Grab a bottle of Whipped Curls and apply evenly to freshly washed (still damp!) and sectioned hair. You’ll want to distribute evenly and make sure no curls are left behind. Whipped Curls is both a daily conditioner and a styling primer so it’s perfect to use repeatedly to really pack in the moisture. Ingredients such as Shea Butter and a Triple Olive Oil blend that work hand-in-hand to solidly nourish your curls all day long.  

Step 2
Layer the VitalCurl+ Soft Defining Mousse onto your curls using our rake and shake method (great for added definition and bounce!) Keep in mind, this isn’t your mother’s mousse product. The VitalCurl+ Mousse is formulated with an Omega 3-6-9 Complex (Chia Seed, Japanese Camellia, AND Sunflower oil) that keeps your hair soft and moisturized without that annoying crunch.  

Pro Tip: Our products work the best on damp hair so don’t be afraid to re-hydrate!  

Step 3
This next step is up to you. For a super natural, more laidback look you’re totally free to airdry your curls but if you’re going for level 10 definition, grab your diffuser and turn things up a notch.  

Your curls will love how hydrated they feel, and you will love the way they look! A certified win/win courtesy of your favorite Hair-apist.  

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