Hair-apy 101 Hair Nutrition

Results are in from your Hair-apist: your hair needs its veggies too. For all the bold beauty they possess, curls lose moisture and nutrients, becoming prone to damage and breakage. When curls lose moisture and nutrients, they can become frizzy, unruly, and worst of all, more prone to damage and breakage. Hair-apists orders? Extra nutrients to add texture and shine (and you can skip the broccoli).

Apart from daily conditioning, the best way to promote healthy hair habits is our Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy to replenish curl-essential proteins. It contains nutrients that nourish and strengthen weak curls, restoring them to their optimal, fully-hydrated condition.

Fortified with nutrient-boosting amino acids, our Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy  feeds curls from the inside out. In minutes, this treatment penetrates deeply to deliver the best protein treatment for curly hair. It can revive fried strands, slick down split ends, and leave each follicle thoroughly hydrated. You'll be left with silky smooth, full, and healthy curls. Think of this as a veggie shake or hearty salad for your hair.

When you’re approaching the health of your hair, it’s important to not skip the vital nutrients that bring out the best in your curls. The Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy will nourish, rejuvenate, and bring out a shine that’s all your own. That concludes your Hair-apy 101 session for today.