Brand Ambassador Irinel de León’s Scalp Routine

When we think of the hair that grows out of our head, a lot women don’t give much thought to the integrity of their scalp, what condition it’s in, and what kind of scalp remedies should be worked into their regular hair routine. As a hairstylist and curly girl myself, I know how important it is to keep your scalp healthy since it will directly impact that condition of your curls. 

The scalp is the home of each strand of hair, so it’s important to show it love and create a healthy environment for thriving, healthy curls.  Think of your scalp as the soil, and what grows out of it is your hair. The condition of the soil determines the health of the plant, just like the condition of your scalp determines the health of your hair. Sometimes the causes of unhealthy hair are out of our control (think: medical conditions), but there are other factors that are controllable—one of which includes a healthy scalp routine. 

The scalp is just an extension of the skin on our body with different layers. The very bottom layer consists of the healthiest skin that your body produces, and the top layer is the dead tissue that’s ready to be shed. A scalp that’s full of buildup, oil, and impurities can eventually lead to drying, flaking, and irritation which can disrupt your curl pattern. 

I love starting my scalp routine with the Ready, Set, Clean™ Scalp + Hair Rinse for a deep cleanse. My scalp and curls feel so refreshed after I use this since it removes buildup, dirt, and any toxins. And the best part? Although it cleanses thoroughly, it doesn’t leave my scalp feeling dry, but rather smooth and conditioned.

Next, I follow with the Heavy Lifting Bubbling Scalp Mask if I feel my scalp needs an even deeper clean. The gel-like formula turns into a bubbling foam to break down all impurities that lead to dryness and flaking. Because it unclogs the hair follicle, it really gives your scalp that ‘refreshed’ feeling. If you suffer from itching or irritation, this will soothe and rebalance the pH in your scalp.

After my scalp is cleansed, I feed it a burst of hydration with the Bye-Bye Dry!™ Soothing + Moisturizing Serum. I part my hair into one-inch sections and apply from the hairline back, massaging in the product for five minutes (no need to rinse!). This deeply conditions my scalp, providing a moisturized canvas for my curls to grow. If your curls are a bit thinner, you can try the Bye-Bye Breakage!™ Strengthening + Thickening Serum instead. Not only will this moisturize your scalp, but it nourishes the hair from the root to reduce hair fall-out and excessive shedding. 

I follow these steps once a week to make sure I’m removing any harmful buildup in my hair that could disrupt my curl pattern. Now, it’s your turn–we want to hear about your scalp routine. Shop our newest collection and share your thoughts on social tagging @Ouidad and #Ouidad. Get ready to treat your curls to the TLC it deserves!

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