Irinel de León Gives No Sweat™ Post-Workout Mist A Test Run


Let’s face it: Working out and getting sweaty can wreak havoc on curls, especially after a wash-and-go routine. You may even avoid a workout because you’re having a good hair day and just don’t want to ruin your fresh curls (guilty). Well, you no longer have to schedule your social life around your wash days thanks to Ouidad’s new No Sweat™ Post-Workout Mist. Not only is it a total game-changer, but even better, it works on all curl types so anyone can use it. 

Although working up a sweat is incredible for your body, it can leave curls limp, droopy, and dry. The sweat emitted from your scalp has a high salt content which can be drying. This new mist is infused with apple cider vinegar and volcanic ash which work hard to absorb oil and refresh sweaty hair (bonus: no need for awkward gym showers!). There’s also bamboo extract which works really well to calm and balance the scalp with its natural anti-irritant and antioxidant properties. This invisible lightweight mist absorbs oils, cleans your hair, and helps eliminate odor—all without leaving behind a white cast or residue. I also love that it works on braids and protective styles as well.

I personally struggled to find a product that would both absorb oils from my scalp and refresh my curls after working out. Previously I’d need both a dry shampoo and some sort of curl refresher, however, this multipurpose product is a total game-changer. It even provides nourishment between my wash days. 

As a stylist, it also makes things easier when working on clients. Sometimes we’re on set and need to turn out multiple looks in a day without time to wash in between styles. There are also times when we’re outside in the heat or the shoot requires a lot of physical movement and hair can become sweaty, compromising the integrity of the style. Using the Post-Workout Mist helps refresh looks and restyle quicker when we’re up against the clock. 

It’s also really easy to use. To refresh sweaty strands, first shake well and hold about six inches away from the hair. Spray it all over, focusing on the roots, then let it sit for about thirty seconds before gently raking it out with your fingers. If you’d like to refresh mid-length to ends, cup curls with the palms of your hands to shape and revive. If you have finer texture, you can also follow by diffusing on low speed and heat to reshape curls faster. 

All in all, this is definitely a new gym bag must-have for anyone with curls. It’s now a staple in my lineup for its ability to target oil, build-up and odor with fast-acting ingredients that refresh curls and prolong your style so you can get out the door quickly and get back to crushing life.


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