Loving Your Classic, Defined Curls | Ouidad

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Classic Curls


Classic curls usually form a slightly firmer “S” pattern within the hair. Classic curls can sometimes show signs of dehydration, damage or over manipulation, which can be disruptive to the curl pattern, which promotes an uneven texture.

Classic curls need consistent, balanced hydration for performance.

Classic Curls


• A pH balancing shampoo helps to keep the cuticle smooth and moisture protected.

• A conditioner preserves hair’s internal balance of moisture.

• Deep treatments keep curls in their optimal state.

• It’s important to use lightweight stylers that moisturize while creating a perfect amount of hold factor to the style.

Our VITALCURL range is specially formulated to enhance classic curls.

Classic Curls


In order to achieve the perfect classic curl you first must select the proper product prescriptives as well as the using the right styling techniques. Click on the video to get the perfect styling tips for classic curl.