What's Your Curl Type?

What's Your Curl Type

Just like you’d choose a skincare regimen based on whether your complexion is oily, dry, or combination, your haircare products should work with your type of curl. Loose waves, for example, have very different needs than tight coils—and that’s why Ouidad identifies four distinct curl patterns, loose curls, classic curls, tight curls, and kinky curls.

If you’re familiar with the numbered hair typing system, check out our infographic to translate your texture type and find the right products for your hair.



What they look like: A soft ‘S’ pattern or wave Also known as: 2A, 2B Biggest challenge: Maintaining volume & consistent curl pattern Needs: Lightweight, curl-amplifying hold Regimen: Curl Shaper


What they look like: Spiral in definition, a slightly stronger ‘S’ pattern Also known as: 2C, 3A Biggest challenge: Frizz, maintaining definition Needs: Balanced moisture Regimen: VitalCurl™


What they look like: Tight spiral moving from an S pattern to a more intense C shape Also known as: 3B, 3C Biggest challenge: Dryness, shrinkage Needs: Deep hydration Regimen: Curl Quencher


What they look like: Strong C to Z pattern, sometimes appearing to have no pattern at all Also known as: 4A, 4B, 4C Biggest challenge: Tangling, maintaining moisture Needs: Protective moisture Regimen: Coil Infusion™

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