The Rake and Shake, Explained

109KA_Blog_InnerRake and Shake, Ouidad’s signature styling method, creates perfectly-defined curls for every curl type. To achieve your optimal curl formation, follow these simple steps – and click the video links below for a live-action demo.

Step 1: First, apply the appropriate foundation product for your specific curl type: Loose, Classic, Tight or Kinky.

Step 2: Beginning at the nape, divide hair into five sections. Note: smaller sections create more curl definition and volume.

Step 3: Apply a quarter-size amount of the curl-type-appropriate styling product to each section, and use your fingers to rake through your curls from root to tip, to detangle and smooth.

Step 4: As your fingers reach the hair’s ends, shake at the wrist to encourage curl formation.

Step 5: (OPTIONAL): Duckbill clips create lift and volume. Open the clip vertically on its side and slide along the scalp. Close at the root. For maximum volume, use above base. For medium volume, use on base. For minimal volume, use below base.

Step 6: Diffuse dry on a low, warm setting. Once hair is dry, “open” the curl using the curl-type-appropriate Ouidad product from our Curl Perfection range.

Loose Curls Demo

Classic Curls Demo

Tight Curls Demo

Kinky Curls Demo