Perfect Your Morning Curl Routine in 2 Easy Steps

Hit the snooze button one too many times this morning? Don’t throw in the towel and whip your hair into a ponytail. Instead, try these genius, curl-friendly hair hacks that boost definition, softness, and shine in just two easy steps.

If you have Loose Curls… They’ll need a specific balance of nourishment and lightweight hold to reach full definition.

Step 1 Prepping hair the night before goes a long way in the morning. Simply pull hair up in a high pineapple topknot before you go to bed. Make sure it’s secured with a band made from a soft material with no metal in the lining. This allows the loose curl to stay preserved while you’re sleeping.

Step 2 The next morning, refresh your loose curls by spraying our PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Spray all over the mid-lengths and ends of hair. This product injects hair with the moisture needed for optimal curl formation without adding unwanted surface weight, which can leave curls lifeless. The lightweight hold locks in that perfect curl and allows hair to keep its spring and bounce.

If you have Classic Curls… You'll want to rehydrate your hair with balanced moisture that won't weigh down your curl pattern.

Step 1 Follow night-time prep from loose curls. In the morning, liven up your classic curls with Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray to refresh and hydrate strands while defining curl shape.

Step 2 Next, apply a small amount of VitalCurl Define & Shine Styling Gel Cream throughout your hair to feed curls the vitamins, proteins and botanicals necessary for them to take shape in a uniform pattern. Gel-creams work wonders when it comes to locking in definition and shine, and creating long-lasting hold without heavy polymers.

If you have Tight Curls… Regular infusions of moisture are essential for these curls to awaken and shine.

Step 1 Reach for a styling potion that does double duty—hydrates and softens—so curls bounce back while providing hold. One that does the job is our Clear Control Pomade. It uses a special blend of humectants and conditioners to create curl definition without heavy waxes or silicones that weigh curls down. Curls remain moisturized for lasting softness and a natural feel.

Step 2 Nothing ruins Tight Curls faster than frizz. But mornings are no time to start from scratch. Enter our Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment. Spritz some on the palms of your hands and lightly gloss over tight curls to smooth and tame frizz in seconds.

If you have Kinky Curls… You’ll need to protect and hydrate your hair during styling with penetrating moisture.

Step 1 Quench kinky curls’ morning thirst for moisture with our Silky Soufflé Setting Crème. It’s an emollient-rich cream styler with power ingredients such as Mafura Butter, Avocado and Coconut oils that combine to create touchable, soft, elongated spirals that last.

Step 2 Then resurrect sheen with a serum like our Shine Glaze Serum. This elixir coats strands and reflects light to enhance shine. Just blend a small dollop in the palm of your hand and lightly glide it over the surface of individual curls, giving each a gentle twirl to bring the tendril back to life.

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