Ouidad Curl Tip - Curl Maintenance While You Sleep

Yes, sleeping to recharge is important, but treating your hair with care by following these tips during your overnight slumber will help you avoid those dreaded bad hair days.

Clip your hair up or as it is more commonly referred, “pineapple” it, making sure your curls are piled on top of your head either with a clip or a non-elastic tie that won’t leave marks, and is positioned so that it’s comfortable for you to sleep. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with tangled hair every time you turn your head. The after-effect in the morning is hair that is tangle-free and more voluminous.

Change your pillowcase from cotton to silk. Silk or satin is smoother on your hair, therefore creating less friction, which results in frizz. The added bonus is no morning-after pillow creases!

Wear a silk scarf or bandanna to bed because it lessens the amount of friction, which leaves your curls smoother.

Take a steamy shower just after you’ve tousled your curls to rehydrate them without having to wet them too much. Another option is to lightly mist your hair with a water spray bottle to reshape any curls, and then apply Botanical Boost to re-energize and moisturize the curl so it springs back into shape.

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