How to Use Hair Oil on Your Curls


Hair oil is a rich serum that locks in moisture, protects your curls, and gives your hair some added bounce. It also helps to moisturize your scalp with vitamins that nourish your hair. Learn how to use hair oil, and find the best one for your curly hair.

Hair Oil Benefits

Throughout the day, dirt, dust and pollen can build up on your scalp, which may lead to dryness, flaking, and irritation. Curls can frizz and become harder to manage. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Incorporating a regular hair oil routine can prevent these issues, leaving your hair silky and clean. The right oil offers the following benefits for your hair:

  • Locks in moisture to prevent tangles
  • Prevents sun damage from UV rays
  • Nourishes your hair with vitamins and minerals
  • Cleanses your scalp to reduce potential hair shedding
  • Moisturizes your scalp to prevent dandruff and itchiness
  • Reduces dryness that breaks and damages your hair
  • Strengthens roots to promote healthy hair growth

The oil application process also has benefits. When you scrub oil into your scalp, you increase blood circulation, which encourages hair growth. You also exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin cells and prevent hair loss. Plus, you can treat yourself to a relaxing head massage at the end of the day.

Feel fresh and clean when you step out of the shower or apply a little hair oil when you're going out after a busy day. The familiar scent follows you wherever you go.

How to Use Hair Oil

To give your hair a last-minute boost, apply hair oil to the ends for added shine. For a more intensive treatment, follow these steps:

  1. Pour a little oil into your hands.
  2. Massage the oil into your scalp until you've completely scrubbed your hair.
  3. Apply oil to the rest of your hair, using a comb for even distribution.
  4. Cover your hair with a towel or shower cap.
  5. Sleep with the oil in your hair like a hair mask, or take a shower after letting the oil sit for at least an hour. This gives the oil time to soak into your hair, nourishing your hair and follicles.

Use hair oil a maximum of three times a week. More frequent use may clog the pores in your scalp, which results in grease build-up, itching, irritation, infections and damaged hair. To remove excess oil, use a clarifying rinse such as Ready, Set, Clean!® Pre-Shampoo Scalp + Hair Rinse to clean out the pores.

If you want to make hair oil a permanent part of your routine, try adding it into your wash day routine. 

Good Oils for Hair

Ouidad's Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment is one of the best oils for curly hair. This product treats multiple types of curls (and those without curls!), so it's suitable for virtually everyone in your household. You can apply it while you shower, use it as a conditioner replacement, as a leave-in treatment, or add a few drops to touch up your curls or apply it before styling.

Here's what Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment does for your hair:

  • Eliminates frizz and tangles
  • Gives your hair added shine
  • Moisturizes your hair and scalp
  • Locks in moisture to keep your hair from drying out
  • Prevents sun and UV ray damage
  • Nourishes your hair with vitamins and fatty acids
  • Helps seal split ends
  • Revives dry hair if you don't have time for a shower
  • Protects your hair from heat before styling

Use this oil alongside Ouidad hair care products like our Advanced Climate Control® Restore + Revive Bi-Phase and Stylutions® Revive & Shine Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist for a full daily routine.

Hair Oil for Scalp Health

Using hair oil too often could disrupt the balance, causing infections and oil build-up. However, finding the right balance nourishes your scalp without overloading the pores.

Low humidity, hormonal changes, and decreased oil production can cause dry skin, making your scalp itchy and irritated. Dandruff flakes may appear in your curls. An oil helps to moisturize the scalp, relieving dryness and eliminating dandruff. 

If your hair is cracked, split, or brittle, your scalp might lack the vitamins that it needs for full, healthy hair. The exact nutrients vary across each product, but oils can offer nutrients like vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Nourishing your scalp means fuller, stronger hair that shines wherever you go.

Monitor Your Hair Oil

After you start using hair oil, monitor your hair for the next week or two. If your hair is clean, healthy and moisturized, add the hair oil to your weekly routine. Check the ingredients so you know what works if you want to try a similar product. 

Ready to try out hair oil? Ouidad’s Mongongo Hair Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment is fast-absorbing, protects hair from damage, and adds brilliant shine to curls from root to tip!

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