Get Natural Curls Back: How to Repair Heat Damage

How to Get Your Natural Curls Back from Heat Damage


As the last days of summer draw near, it’s time to evaluate the condition of your hair. After spending hours at the beach, at parks and in pools, it’s likely you didn’t adequately protect your hair from the wind, sun, chlorine, salt water and other environmental stressors that cause curls to appear dry, brittle, brassy and frizzy.

We know that all that fun in the sun can have damaging effects on your skin, but the same ultra-violet aging and burning rays (UVA & UVB) can also damage your curls from the cuticle to their core inner structure. Prolonged sun exposure or repeated dips in the pool or ocean, especially for hair that is colored or chemically-treated, causes dry and weak heat damaged curls, making them a breeding ground for split ends.

But, not to worry, by following these tips, you can still enjoy the last of your summer activities while protecting the integrity of your curls, bringing back your natural curls and also undoing the damage that has already occurred.

Easy Curly Hair Treatment Tips for Summer Heat Damage

Trim Your Hair. Reviving lifeless curls is as easy as getting a healthy haircut from a Ouidad Certified Curl Specialist who understands your curl type, and will ensure you get the best cut for your curls.

Deep Condition. Treat your heat damaged curly hair with Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, which, when used with heat, reinforces the hair shaft with protein treatments and amino acids to encourage maximum curl formation and minimize frizz.

Use Prescription-Only Products. Only use products that are specific to your curl type: Loose curls use the Curl Shaper range, classic curls use VitalCurl, tight curls use Curl Quencher, and coily curls use Coil Infusion.

Leave-In Conditioners. Continually protect and condition your curly hair from the summer sun with Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner. This leave-in penetrates the hair with naturally hydrating ingredients with a lightweight, breathable moisture foundation, so your healthy curls can be styled and products can be layered.

Styling Products. Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel helps to protect your naturally curly hair against the elements and climatic aggressions. Climate Control Gel contains wheat protein and elastin polymers that expand when in contact with moisture, so your hair works with, not against, humidity. When humidity lessens, the polymers contract and create a natural protectant against heat damage hold that isn’t crunchy or sticky. The gel’s weightless formula envelops curly hair cuticles to prevent frizz without altering style.

Perfect Your Curls. The best way to finish your style with a layerable, water-soluble finishing spray like Finishing Mist Setting and Holding Spray, to hold curls into place without weighing them down. This spray combines powerful hold styling polymers with nourishing Jojoba Oil and Hydrolyzed Silk to create the ideal blend of softness and staying power, for defined curls that last without feeling crunchy, sticky or stiff.

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