How Do You Air Dry Curly Hair? Dry Wavy Hair Naturally Without Frizz

How do You Air Dry Curly Hair?

On a hot summer day, ditch the sweltering heat that comes from a hard hat salon dryer and do the air-dry thing. But air drying is more complicated than just stepping out of the shower and waiting patiently for your tresses to respond, consider these tips on how to air dry curly hair before your next air drying session:

Product Ingredients

Your first step to seamlessly air-drying your hair is to think about the ingredients in your hair products. Your curl shampoos should be free of sulphates, parabens and gluten – ingredients that leave hair feeling dry and extends dry time. If you have a tight coil pattern, use Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner as a styling primer, it’s a lightweight, breathable styling solution that injects your curls with natural hydrating ingredients, which sets the stage for product layering. Once this leave-in conditioner is applied, your curls will look healthy, with great texture and hold. For those of you with looser curls, it’s usually more difficult for natural oils to reach the tips, so concentrate PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Styling Spray ,which injects loose curls with the internal moisture needed for best curl optimization without weighing it down onto the ends of your hair. Also apply PlayCurl Curl Amplifying Foam onto the ends of your hair – a lightweight polymer blend that accentuates and holds your loose curl pattern without it feeling sticky or stiff, and won’t stretch it out.

If you have a classic curl pattern, use VitalCurl Define & Shine Styling Gel Cream to define your curls as this product feeds them with vital nutrients that create a uniform pattern. This gel cream also locks in long-lasting definition and shine without the weight.

Product Layering

To optimize your finished styling results and to minimize frizz as you air dry, consider product layering, and begin with Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel to manage the effects of humidity. The wheat protein and elastin polymers within this formulation expand when in contact with moisture and envelope the cuticles to prevent frizz without altering your style. As humidity-levels lower, the polymers contract and create a natural hold that isn’t crunchy or sticky.

No Towels

Drying your hair is a necessity, but doing it with a towel will cause frizz and over time, damage, especially because your hair is at its weakest when wet. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt, pillow case or microfiber cloth to squeeze or blot your hair gently.

Perfect Your Styling Technique

The Rake and Shake method — Ouidad’s proprietary styling process, enhances your natural curl pattern as it preps it to be air-dried. Starting at the nape of the neck, divide your hair into sections and use the appropriate amount of styling product to rake gently through your curls before shaking it into position.

Braid It

Another way to air dry your hair with minimal effort is to braid it while it’s damp. To get a wavy texture, braid it looser and for a more textured look, braid it tighter. Always remember to prep your hair with the right styling products before braiding it.

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