Time-Saving Hair Hacks for Every Type of Curl


Ever wish you could hit the fast-forward button on your hair routine? With these time-saving hacks, courtesy of Ouidad stylists, curly hair care just got speedier.


Loose Curls

It’s important to apply styling products like creams and gels to soaking wet hair, but going from sopping to dry can take forever. To cut your drying time, gently scrunch (not rub) your waves with a towel after you’ve applied your styler of choice. This removes excess water and can help loose curls look bouncier. After toweling off, scrunch some additional gel into the ends for even more definition and hold.


Classic Curls

Diffusing your curls can get you to your finished look much quicker than air drying. To speed up the process even more, spray Finishing Mist Setting & Holding Spray over your style to set the curls before drying. The formula helps hair dry more quickly while giving curls staying power.


Tight Curls

There are plenty of involved, multi-step methods to get your curls to clump and form wider, fuller coils. At Ouidad’s New York flagship, stylists have adopted this quick and easy technique: After cleansing and detangling your hair, separate your curls into sections. Apply your styling product (try Advanced Climate Control® Heat & Humidity Gel) to a section, then comb through with a vented or Denman brush. Shake the section to let the curls clump and form naturally. Repeat on the rest of the sections. Easy!


Kinky Curls

No time to wash and restyle? Extend the life of your twist out with a DIY refresher: Add a splash of Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Curl Treatment to the water in your spray bottle, and mist to rehydrate your hair before retwisting to set overnight.

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