Curly Hair Kids: Back to School Hair Routines

Back to School Hair Routines and Products for Curly Hair Kids

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Photo: Courtesy of Scout the City

Curl confidence begins early. Discover easy back to school routines for curly hair kids and hair products to help them feel great in their curls. 

The biggest challenge of raising a curly kid is “constantly trying to tell my daughter that she doesn't have to have Disney princess hair, and telling her that a princess can have curly hair as well,” says Sai de Silva of Scout the City and mom to London Scout, 4. “I teach her to love her curls by leading through example. I decided to embrace my natural locks and show her that's it's okay to rock her curls.”

Just in time for back to school season, here are four essential ways to care for—and celebrate—your child’s curls.

  • Have a few go-to styles you and your child can pull off when you’re short on time. On Scout, de Silva loves a half-up top knot. “It’s super easy and on-trend,” she says.
  • Use products sparingly. Kids’ curls are by nature more delicate and less damaged than adults’, so there’s no need to load up on styling products. Look for easy to use, multi-tasking stylers like Krly® Kids Pump & Go Spray Gel, which nourishes, calms, and reshapes kids’ curls with a few quick spritzes.
  • Make mornings easier with a bedtime haircare routine. “Try using a satin pillowcase when your children sleep, and use a satin scrunchie to pull the hair into a high pineapple before bedtime,” de Silva advises. “It helps maintain the curls for less work later.”
  • Young curls change as kids grow, so be ready to adjust your child’s curl care routine. Products that do double-duty can help. Ouidad’s Krly® Kids No More Knots Conditioner works as either a rinse-out or leave-in conditioner, so you can adjust the level of hydration to hair’s needs.

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