5 New Year’s Resolutions for Curls

Great hair day? Make it a great hair year. By committing to these resolutions, you’ll be helping your curls to look their best in 2019 and beyond. Let’s get this year started right!

Curl Resolution #1: Try a cool cut.

Whether it’s curly bangs, a bold crop, or a new volume-boosting shape, the right haircut can give your curls—and your confidence—a major boost. Find a stylist near you certified in the Ouidad signature cutting techniques, which are designed to create consistency and fluid movement for your unique curl pattern.

Curl Resolution #2: Get on a treatment schedule.

Whether you DIY at home or get pampered at the salon, regular deep conditioning treatments can help bring dried out or damaged curls back to life. Get inspired by this curl bounce-back makeover, and kick off your own before and after success story by committing to a deep treatment every two to four weeks. Try Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, which helps replenish the proteins, amino acids, and moisture curls need.

Curl Resolution #3: Boost your curl knowledge.

With so many helpful resources from YouTube tutorials to forums to curl-focused Instagram accounts, there are more opportunities than ever to get schooled on styling techniques and ingredients. Start with our curl glossary to brush up on your know-how.

Curl Resolution #4: Say no to damage.

The best way to have healthy curls is to avoid mistreating them in the first place. Take baby steps: If you can’t swear off heat styling completely, use a heat protectant to minimize damage. If you love experimenting with color, keep a hydrating mask in heavy rotation. When detangling, use a brush with gentle, flexible bristles to avoid causing breakage. Your healthier and happier hair will thank you!

Curl Resolution #5: Experiment with new looks.

Your curls are wayyy too versatile to wear the same way every single day. Switch up your style with an updo, braid, or accessory. Need ideas? Check out our Looks gallery or these party-ready hairstyle how-tos.

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