5 Essential Travel Tips For Curls

Travel Tips

Packing is never simple when you have curly hair. Forget piecing together a week’s worth of outfits—it’s downsizing your expertly curated, highly personalized haircare routine that’s the real challenge (at least until the TSA starts allowing liter sizes through airport security). Throw an unfamiliar climate into the mix, and traveling can truly test your (and your hair’s) patience.

But because having great curls in all those vacation photos is non-negotiable, your best bet is to be prepared. We asked curl friends Jessica Franklin of Heygorjess and René Daniella of Own By Femme, who’ve made jet-setting part of their job, for their best curly hair travel tips. Read on for their advice, plus a few of our own curl expert tricks for beautiful hair, anywhere.

Curly Travel Tips

1. Preserve your style with a scarf. “On the road or at home, wrapping my curls in a scarf is an awesome way to keep my curls less frizzy and more moisturized, allowing me to extend the life of my wash-n-go’s,” René says. Bonus: A colorful scarf can add serious style points to your airport look.

Curly Travel Tips

2. Pack your own silk pillowcase. Not only will resting your head on the smooth fabric make you feel like a queen, it will help you get more mileage out of your curl style by minimizing friction while you sleep.

3. Protect your curls in-flight. Jess says, “Keeping my hair in a pineapple (very high pony tail) while I’m on the plane or sleeping at night helps to preserve the curls.”

Curly Travel Tips

4. Don’t forget your diffuser. “I recently discovered a travel-friendly diffuser that’s small enough to fit in your luggage without taking up too much room,” Jess says. “Diffusers are especially great while traveling because you might have to wash your hair more often, so this allows you to quickly dry your hair while on the go!”

5. Keep a travel kit handy for last-minute trips—or when you just don’t want to mess with squeezing all your products into three-ounce bottles. Our travel sets for every curl type each come with four TSA-approved essentials designed to leave your curls looking their best—whether you’re loose, classic, tight, or kinky.