Why We're Thankful For Curls

Gone are the days of pining for straight hair and flat ironing to fit the mold. Now we know our vibrant, vivacious curls make each us one of a kind, and we wouldn’t trade them for the world.

With this sentiment in mind, Ouidad asked four curly women we admire why they give thanks for their signature standout curly manes—not just in this season of gratitude, but every day of the year.

With her gorgeous springy curls, Brazilian-born, NYC-based Hortencia Caires Casazola--better known as Stylefeen—is a welcome presence in our Instagram feeds. We're also fans of her column on Naturally Curly.

“I'm thankful that my newfound love and appreciation for my hair—with all its frizz and imperfections—has brought me so many cool opportunities. My hair makes me feel happy and beautiful now that I have embraced all it’s got to offer.”

You might recognize classically trained violinist and electronic musician Ezinma from her killer covers of pop hits by Rihanna, Drake, Prince, and more - they've become a sensation on social media, along with her covetable curls.

"What I love most about my curls is the unpredictability of my hair. Some days my curls are calm, perfectly-defined ringlets; other days my curls are fluffy and soft, and some days my curls are wild and untamed! I love ALL these looks. Even though I follow a similar hair routine every time I wash and set my curls, things like the weather (humidity), if I've had a show that night (I'm a violinist and my shows involve lots of movement and fro-swishing), or my workout that day all affect my curls. I love that my hair reflects who I am!

On her blog, RELish By Arielle, curly-haired fashion illustrator Arielle Worona documents her stylish inspirations and life in Los Angeles.

Curly haired girls can have the best of both worlds. They can rock the #bighairdontcare look (which I do almost every day!) and they can also blow out their curls whenever they want and they'll end up with beautiful extra body that girls with straight hair will not always have.

My hair makes me stand out, it makes me unique, and I've been able to inspire other curly girls to let their hair down and wear it naturally, too.”

Singer and musician Daisha knows how to move her curls—she had a career as a back-up dancer for the likes of Rihanna, Diddy, and Beyoncé before striking out on her own as a solo artist with her EP, I Am The Daisha.

“I'm thankful that I've always embraced my hair—which in turn means I embrace myself. I'm thankful for growing up seeing a mother with natural hair. I never felt weird about mine. It gives me a sort of identity: the mixture of races and histories all wrapped up in this crown of curls. I feel honored to wear this crown.

I'm thankful it has inspired so many. Most days I receive a nice compliment from a stranger, or a question about maintenance... It's pretty incredible. I'm proud of its wild nature. The longer and crazier it gets, the more I love it. I'm thankful I have something I feel is uniquely me.