How This Pro Hula Hooper Styles Her Short Curly Hair

When she’s not busy breaking Guinness World Records – she’s racked up 12 – you can find professional hula hooper Marawa Wamp performing around the globe. We sat down with Marawa to find out more about her cool career and how she styles her curly hair.

How did you become a professional hula hooper?
I studied in Australia – I have a bachelors in circus arts, and I specialized in swinging trapeze and in hula hoops. And since then I’ve been traveling, performing, teaching – I’ve done shows in lots of different countries.

Can you tell us more about your world records?
I was one of those kids that had the book, and I wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. The first record I got was for the fastest 100 meters in high heeled roller skates, but the record that I really wanted was for spinning the most hoops. It was 98 hoops when I started trying to break it, then someone did 100, and someone did 107, and by the time I broke it, the record was 132 hoops and I did 160, just to make sure.

I also have the record for spinning the most hoops while suspended in the air. I have the record for running the fastest mile while hula hooping at the same time. And I have the record for spinning the most hoops while skating in high heeled roller skates.

How do you typically style your hair?
My hair is very curly but it’s quite fine. Heavy products like creams tend to just weigh my hair down instantly. It’s much better with a spray.

I love using the Bi-Phase spray  because it seems to really work with my hair – it doesn’t weigh it down. In the shower I’ll run a little bit of water through my hair, and then when I get out, I just spritz it all through my hair and then sort of scrunch it up in my hand. It conditions the frizzy parts of my hair and brings them back into curls. And that’s it, I’m ready to go and it’s super quick. It’s great.

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