#SocialLove: 4 Curly Haired Beauty Bloggers to Follow

136KV-Social-Love-09252015-lgSocial media channels provide a plethora of places to find the perfect curl muse. Finding inspiration for your next how-to is as easy as doing a Google search for a blog, clicking through YouTube videos or scrolling through various Instagram and Pinterest pages. From managing frizz on wavy hair to perfecting a fall updo for kinky strands, there isn’t much that you can’t find online nowadays. At the same time, it can be a bit overwhelming. To make things easier, we’d like to introduce you to four of our favorite beauty bloggers who consistently #ExpressNeverSuppress their curls. Read on to learn what really makes them beautiful inside and out.


Name: Gena M Blog: GetGlammedUp Youtube: GlamMeUp8 Instagram: @GlamMeup

Ouidad: How do you embrace your hair texture? Gena: I embrace my hair texture by always wearing it natural. Every now and then I will switch it up and straighten it, but I usually have it curly. I always encourage my followers to embrace their natural hair texture because that is what truly looks best on you! I stress the importance of taking good care of yourself and your hair for healthier, strong hair.

Ouidad: Do you have an all-time favorite Ouidad product? If so tell us why you love it and how you like to use it. Gena: I always loved the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. They cleansed my hair really nicely and provided much needed moisture for my dry hair. My hair also had great definition and shine.

Ouidad: If you could burst any curly hair myth, which one would it be, and why? Gena: I would burst the myth that you have to shampoo your hair every single day. Everyone is so accustomed to thinking they have to wash their hair daily or it's dirty, which it really isn't! Washing my hair every few days instead of daily is something that I have recently been getting used to and I've noticed such a difference in my hair. Curly hair is so dry naturally because the oils from your scalp cannot travel down the strands as easily. Therefore it’s important to not strip the natural oils from your hair. I've found ways to style my hair on days I don't wash it and I've gotten used to it. Plus, it saves me time!

Ouidad: Who/where do you get most of your curl inspiration from? Gena: Most of my hair inspiration comes from online, such as Pinterest and Instagram. I'm always pinning different looks I find so I can save them to try out later. I love how you can connect online with so many people with similar hair types as you versus in everyday life where it’s more rare to find other women with curls.


Name: Jade Kendle (a.k.a LipsticknCurls) Name of Blog: Lipstick n Curlss Youtube: Lipstick n Curls Instagram: @_Lipstickncurlss_

Ouidad: How do you embrace your hair texture? Jade: I just let my hair BE! In so many ways as women we feel like we have to alter or change the way we are to be accepted. My hair has given me an external avenue to express my true self and BE Jade--with no limitations or expectations besides being authentic and real.

Ouidad: Which Ouidad product is your favorite? Jade: My all-time fave Ouidad product is the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel! That product works so well on my hair, especially when I was living in more humid climates. It’s so light and moisturizing that my curls always loved it!

Ouidad: Which current curl myth do you want to debunk? Jade: The myth that you can't have healthy, colored curls. A lot of women who go natural, or wear their natural hair texture, think that they will kill their curls if they try color. This is certainly untrue if you take the right steps to color your hair the healthy way! I have had black, brown, red, purple, and blond hair, and never did my hair fall out. TLC and a good deep conditioning treatment once a week will have your curls poppin' with awesome color!

Ouidad: What type of style are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Jade: I do plan on going lighter this fall. Right now I like to call my hair color "Cinnamon" because of the red and brown tones. My colorist is going to pump up the volume this fall and I am so excited for it!

Ouidad: Who/where do you get most of your curl inspiration from? Jade: My inspiration comes from within to be honest. I've never been the type to see a photo of someone’s hair and go to a stylist and say "I want this!" I've always liked to try new things, be innovative and original with my hair. I think part of the reason I started to wear my hair curly was to be rebellious against society's view of "what is beautiful" and to show that curly hair is beautiful too!


Name: Sarah Berro Blog: Curls and Blossoms YouTube: Waterlily716 Instagram: @waterlily716

Ouidad: What do you love most about your texture? Sarah: [To be honest] it took time and effort to learn both how to style my hair and to love my curls. I used to really dislike my naturally curly hair when I didn't know how to care for it. It was a bit of a journey, but now my hair is one of my favorite features.

Ouidad: What’s the biggest misconception about curly hair out there today? Sarah: That there are "bad" types of curly hair. Everyone's natural hair has potential; you just have to figure out how to unlock it. A lot of times I see women online who are discouraged by how their curls or waves look--especially those who have hair that is recovering from heat or chemical damage. [But I have learned that with] enough time and research, everyone has good hair!

Ouidad: What look are you planning on trying this fall? Sarah: I'm planning on getting a sombrè (a subtle ombré). Lightening the ends of my hair will be a fairly risk-free adventure and a nice change of pace. It's a really low maintenance upgrade for my current hair color.

Ouidad: Who/where do you get most of your curl inspiration from? Sarah: I get curlspiration from a lot of curly girls I follow online. Off the top of my head these include Shalimarcat, MahoganyCurls, and SunKissAlba.

Ouidad: Do you have an all-time favorite Ouidad product? If so tell us why you love it and how you like to use it. Sarah: One of my favorite Ouidad products is the Curl Immersion Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner. I love that it is super gentle and does not strip my curls, but also cleans my hair.

Naturally Glam

Name: Jonna Scott-Blakes Name of Blog: Naturally Glam YouTube: Naturally Glam TV Instagram: @NaturallyGlam

Ouidad: How do you embrace your curls? Jonna: I enjoy the uniqueness of my hair and embrace it by focusing on its health not just its texture.

Ouidad: How do you plan to style your hair this fall? Jonna: I currently have some color on the ends of my hair. My plan is to just cut them off and give my hair a rest from the color for a few months to build up the strength before coloring again.

Ouidad: Which Ouidad products work best on your hair type? Jonna: Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream is my favorite so far. I use it to add lots of hydration to my hair, which tends to be dry because it's so tightly coiled. It gives my hair life, and helps give my curls and coils tons of definition without the crunch.

Ouidad: What’s the worse curly hair myth you’ve ever heard? Jonna: That kinky hair is 'bad hair.' As long as your hair is healthy and hydrated, it's good hair!

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