All the Reasons Why Curly Hair Rules

Whether you’ve always been partial to your natural texture, or you’ve fallen in love with your curls over time, there’s no denying it: Having curly hair is the best. We checked in with a few of our favorite curly haired babes to tally up all the reasons why curls are worth celebrating. Read on, then get in on the conversation! Tell us what you love about your hair, and tag #LoveMyOuidadCurls for a chance to be featured.

“Even though my curls aren't perfect and love to do their own thing sometimes, I love that they make me feel amazing and confident. ?” – Lynn Kate (@lynnkatee)

“I love my big, curly hair because it’s exotic, fluffy, and after the third shot of Hennessey, it allows me to recreate the choreography in Beyonce’s “Ego” video PER?FECT?LY???. Oh and ignore the sad face. It was wash day.” – Kevni Woodside (@believahdahdiva)

“My hair is what makes me unique. I love standing out anywhere I go!” – Lilli Schaub (@lillischaub)

“I love my curls because they make me feel fierce. It was a love/hate relationship growing up, but it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and truly embrace myself the way I am.” – Naomi Soms (@naomisoms)

“I love my curls because they reflect how life should be lived. They are wild, fun, unpredictable and carefree. ?” – Sadie Shill

“I love how my curls have a vibrant personality on their own. My hair doesn’t define me, but it definitely compliments my style.” – Christina Vega (@christinavega_)

“I love my curls because they match my wild passion for life. They truly have a mind of their own. As a little girl I wished for straight hair, but I think I was actually just wishing for a good product.” – Savannah Remington (@savannahremington)

“It took me 25 years to embrace my beautiful curls, and well, they say good things take time. Be you and love all of you! Embracing my curls is the most empowering choice I've made as a multi-racial woman.” – Laticia Lee (@bluhazl)

“I love my curls because they help me stand out and make me unique! This crown gives me confidence!” – Rocio Mora (@risarizos)

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