Meet Indy Jamma Jones, Roller Skating Superstar

There’s nothing like watching someone land a backflip on roller skates to remind you that with enough hard work, anything’s possible. That’s why we’re such big fans of Indy Jamma Jones (AKA Amy West). A member of the world-famous Moxi skate team and founder of Planet Roller Skate on YouTube, Indy travels the globe teaching people how to skate and showing off her amazing skills on eight wheels. We caught up with the skating superstar to learn more about her passion, her video channel, and her gravity-defying curls.

How did you get started roller skating?

My mom actually skated, and there was a rink by my house, so we’d go to together. My mom was really awesome at skating, I remember dreaming of one day being able to skate backwards like her!

How did this become your full-time gig?

Not easily – with a lot of hard work. I quit my full-time job as a lighting designer about two and half years ago, and I was just like, “I’m going to make it work. I don’t know how, but I’m going to keep skating and it’s going to work.”

Now I teach lessons regularly, so I’m teaching as many people as I can in person. And I make tutorials for YouTube, which is awesome because I can teach people all over the world.

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How did you come up with the idea for Planet Roller Skate?

When I skate through a city I have this feeling: It’s like you’re seeing the world again for the first time. It’s like you go to different world – it’s Planet Roller Skate.

For a long time I wondered, how can I convey this idea to people and help people achieve this feeling? I thought maybe I could make it a blog, maybe it’s a magazine…I didn’t know what it was. And [eventually] it became a YouTube channel and lessons.

Why do you think it’s caught on so quickly?

Because it’s awesome! It’s fun, people love it – everywhere you go on roller skates, people look up and they just smile.

What types of people are you teaching?

Everybody. Primarily women, from teenage girls to people in their 50s and 60s. Every time that I teach a beginner and they get it, and they’re excited, I learn again why I love to skate – because they light up.

How do you wear your hair when you’re skating?

If I’m skating in the street, I usually do a high pony because I have to be able to see. When I’m down on the beach path, I let it out, and it’s the best feeling when it’s all salty and I just let the curls flow. When I put my helmet on, sometimes I’ll braid it. Then when I take off the helmet, I just fluff it up again.

What’s your favorite Ouidad product?

I love the Featherlight Styling Cream. I have it everywhere I go. Cream products work well for my hair, and when I tried it, I was like, yes! This is the one.

What’s your advice to someone trying something new, whether it’s learning to roller skate or deciding to take a chance on going full-time with their passion, like you did?

I would tell them fear is totally normal and it’s okay. And failure is inevitable and just part of the process. You can’t be afraid of failure, and your fears shouldn’t hold you back. Just take that first step, and before you know it, you keep stepping, and it becomes easier and easier.

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