Curl Talk with: Julee Wilson

You’ve probably seen her name attached to iconic publications such as Essence and Cosmopolitan, doling out coveted beauty secrets and trendsetting like no other. In addition to killing it as Cosmo’s Beauty Director, she also just had an adorable baby boy in January. Keep reading for our Curl Talk with Julee Wilson as she dishes on her favorite parts of motherhood and how she loves her curls. 

Congrats on the new baby! How would you describe motherhood in your own words?

Motherhood is the most batshit crazy yet magical journey I've ever experienced. And based on all the mamas I know, I'm not alone in that assessment. Although it can definitely be a struggle, I can't imagine life without my babies. 

What life lessons are you hoping to pass down to your sons?

I hope that I can teach them to be fearless and not worry as much as I have. I want them to feel free to pursue any and everything their hearts desire. 

Favorite part about being a mom? 

Seeing the world again through their eyes. And I live for their giggles.

What’s your curl routine like? 

I'm a beauty director, so when it comes to products I'm constantly trying new things. But basically I just love on my curls as much as possible. I co-wash once every 8-10 days, do a two-strand twist-out, let it dry completely and then unravel them into a glorious shape-shifting Afro. 

How has your relationship with your hair changed over time?

It's truly an evolution like any real relationship. There are days I'm frustrated with my hair and others when I'm head-over-heels in love. I think the important part is that I know my hair is a true extension of my light  — so I make sure to take care of it as such. 

What does beauty mean to you?

It means the freedom to be myself — for everyone to be themselves. No rules. Just be. That's the beauty of beauty.

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