Curl Talk with: Tiff Benson

For this month’s edition of Curl Talk we sat down (virtually) with Tiff Benson, bonafide curly girl and founder of The Fragrance Society. Tiff is a self-proclaimed Perfumista who created the Fragrance Society as a way to bring together anyone who wants to up their fragrance game and get educated on how to find the right scent for them. Keep reading to learn about Tiff’s journey with both beauty and the sweet-smelling society she’s created.

You have such gorgeous curls; what’s your go-to routine?

 Well, thank you so much! My go-to routine is to wash and condition my hair every three days. No excuses. I try to deep condition every time I have a wash-day, and I know it seems like a lot, but my hair needs it.

 Also, deep conditioning is an essential part of my routine. I genuinely love the process and enjoy the results. My hair is happiest when it’s hydrated, and for me, that means washing and conditioning frequently.

Have you always worn your hair natural? Has your relationship with your hair changed over your life? If so, how so?

 No, I haven't. I've gone through so many hairstyles with my hair. It's been long, short, colored, permed, bleached. I can go on and on—but of all the styles and textures I've had, my favorite hair experience by far has been being natural.

 It also helps that my hair is the happiest and healthiest it's ever been, which brings me a ton of joy.

 I've always had beautiful hair, but my hair was not the healthiest, and I had no idea how to take care of it. There was a time when I wasn't giving my hair the proper care it needed. I ended up with broken spots, heat damage, and split ends.

 My big turning point was when I said to myself, no more chemicals and no more heat. Once I stuck to this goal and achieved it, I realized that my hair likes to be conditioned and left alone. It's very simple– the more I give my hair what it wants, the more harmony I have with my hair. 

How did The Fragrance Society come about? What are some of your favorite scents?

I always loved the idea of having a close-knit community with a common passion. My friends, family, and followers online would always ask me questions about fragrance, and I thought to myself, “we really need a space to have conversations and connect! Not just with me but with each other.” Soon after, the Fragrance Society was born.

I have so many favorites, but here are some of my favorites of the moment:

Parfum de Marly Delina Exclusif

The Harmonist, Yin Transformation

YSL Beauty Libre


Do you switch up what fragrances you wear by the season?

Yes, I do! I also switch up the fragrances I wear weekly, and sometimes daily, lol!

I think it’s important to mix it up. Putting on a specific outfit might make me want to change my perfume, and usually, when my mood changes, my perfume choice changes too.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is defined by loving yourself and loving others. I think some of the most successful beauty brands and “beautiful” people understand this, and practice this everyday.