Curl Talk with: Sabrina Zohar

As a female founded brand, Women’s History Month is super important to us. We decided to sit down with Sabrina Zohar, founder of clothing brand Softwear and certified SHEO, and talk about all things female. She’s dishing on how she keeps her business (and curls) thriving each and every day and how getting into yoga changed her life. Keep reading and let us know your thoughts on social with the hashtag #OuidadCurlTalk

What does female empowerment mean to you?

To me, female empowerment is letting go of the old baritone that has been written for us and creating a new one for the future. In my career, I’ve experienced more misogyny and uneven playing fields than I like to admit. Ultimately, instead of playing the victim and falling into it, I chose to empower myself and be the change I wish to see. As women, we must support each other and lift each other up rather thanknocking one another down because of jealousy or envy. THAT is empowering.

How do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

We celebrate Women’s Day every day at Softwear, and at Softwear, we believe in action more than words.Instead of just saying we appreciate and celebrate women, we find ways we can support through initiatives, hiring, and more. Almost everyone I work with are women, and it’s really important to me thatI surround myself with strong, driven, and educated women who are absolutely crushing it in their field.

What’s new on the horizon for Softwear?

There’s so much on the horizon for Softwear this year, and I’m so excited to share with everyone! This year we’re expecting to roll out new styles, colors, dye techniques, and better ways to implement sustainability, such as switching to organic cotton.

What’s your hair styling regimen like?

Typically, I let my hair air dry to avoid extra heat damage, and after it's fully dry, I always curl it with my beach waver (this is a lifesaver, seriously). Usually, my hair is done within 20 minutes, and it stays perfectly curly for 2-3 weeks, even with working out and sweating.

What has your hair journey been like? Have you always embraced your natural texture?

As a middle eastern woman, my hair has always been super frizzy and coarse. When I was younger, I used to have my hair chemically straightened through keratin treatments, but now I enjoy my natural waves so much more. I’ve learned to embrace its color, texture, and all the things that make it unique.

What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty is a form of self-care, embracing and elevating what you naturally are given. Growing up,my grandmother Lucy would always doll herself, even to go to the grocery store, and her care and love for beauty rubbed off on me. I take any chance to take care of myself in the form of beauty, wellness, and fitness. While I was going through this shift in my life between my corporate job, taking care of my mother, and founding Softwear, I found my love for yoga. Yoga was really the catalyst to me embarking on my wellness journey. After discovering yoga, I lost 40 pounds and became a much healthier and happier person.

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