5 Ways to Practice Self-Care in 2021

Woman in bath reading a book performing self care

After the longest (and questionably the most challenging) year ever, a new one has finally arrived––hallelujah! And while we’re all about creating vision boards and jotting down goals for the new year, it’s particularly important to prioritize a little self-care as we ease into this unique year ahead. Here are 5 ways we’re prioritizing ourselves—including our curls—for 2021.

Do Something You Enjoy Each Day

With back-to-back Zoom meetings and long to-do lists, it can be hard to make time for the things that *spark joy*, but it’s so important to take thirty minutes to yourself each day to do something that makes you smile. Maybe it’s reading a new book, grabbing a cup of your favorite coffee, or going for a walk—whatever it is, you do you! 

Indulge In an At-Home Spa Day

Pick one day this month to pamper yourself (and your curls). Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and scalp massage––we love using our Bye-Bye Dry™ Smoothing + Moisturizing Serum to rebalance and soothe our scalp and infuse hydration into curls.

Move Your Body

Forget the weight loss resolution; this year it’s all about energizing your body to feel its best. Even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes a day, find some time for a physical activity that you actually enjoy. Think: A brisk walk while listening to your favorite podcast, or a virtual dance class to work out some of that quarantine cabin fever.

Keep Track Of Your Wins

New year, new perspective. Did you not just complete that work assignment on your to-do list, but killed it? Walk the dog earlier so you could fit in a morning workout? No matter how big or small the ‘win’ may seem, accomplishing something that gives you a sense of purpose and confidence is considered self-care.

Nurture Your Relationships

Connection is key to kicking off the new year right. Establish a way to stay close to your friends and family during the new year. If you aren’t able to see each other in-person, get creative! Perhaps you can schedule a weekly virtual happy hour, send each other letters (snail mail is still a thing!), or block off time for a good old phone chat to catch up—it may feel like there’s not a lot of exciting happenings to share, but seeing and hearing each other will go a long way to boost everyone’s mood and spirit.

How are you starting fresh this year? Share your self-care tips and tricks with us on social tagging @Ouidad and #OuidadLove

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