Meet Ouidad

Meet Ouidad

Ouidad, the queen of curl, is an internationally renowned stylist, salon owner, author and global educator.


The pioneer of the curly hair industry, Ouidad opened the first salon in the country catering exclusively to curly hair in 1984. Since then her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and line of award-winning curl optimizing products, have changed the lives of curly and wavy-haired people everywhere.

Sought out by editors and peers for her extensive knowledge, Ouidad seeks to empower both stylists and people with curls through education, understanding and specialized knowledge.

Decades ago, when I decided to open a salon and develop products specifically for curly and wavy hair, everyone from beauty editors to bankers told me I was crazy. I didn't listen for a second. I knew that like me, so many other curly-haired people in the world needed someone to help them understand their curls and teach them how to care for and style them.

When I was a young girl my mother never knew what to do with my curls. Most of the time my hair was thrown up on the top of my head and tied with a large bow - not exactly a look to instill curl confidence in a young girl! Years later when I was starting my career, I still could not find someone who knew how to cut my curls. I have spent countless hours sharing curl stories with my clients. We all faced similar struggles, dealing with childhood, curl-related traumas, and many of us never believing that our curls were beautiful. I want everyone to see that curly hair is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed everyday, which is why my life’s mission has been creating a comprehensive, holistic approach to curl care.

We formulate our products specifically for the unique needs of curly hair. They are gentle, water-soluble and constantly replenish lost moisture. Our Ouidad Salons are home to my trademarked Carving & Slicing® cutting methods, designed to provide the foundation for beautiful curls. Our stylists are professionally-trained to not only cut and style curls to perfection, but also to help educate clients about caring for and styling their own curls. Let us help you embrace and express your beautiful curls!